Learn to Trade Review: Fran & David

11 May 2015
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I learnt a lot during the course because it was like an extended boot camp. The benefit of being in Bali was the time zone because we ...

Learn to Trade Review – Cherrian

25 Feb 2015
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The best I’ve done was 20% in one month. But then the next month, I think I got a little bit confident and so, I didn’t do as well...

Learn to Trade Review – Bruce and Bozena

25 Feb 2015
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We’ve come up 3 hours from Goulburn. We come up to every course. Every course that’s done. And we’re loving it tremendously and what a ...

Learn to Trade Review – Nathan

25 Feb 2015
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A lot of the results that I’m seeing, I’ve just mimicked off the traders. They are extremely passionate, compassionate people who go ...

Learn to Trade Review – Colin

25 Feb 2015
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Also in doing that, you pick up some - using the strategies - fantastic opportunities and you get onto some really good trades. I’ve ...

Learn to Trade Review – Jessieca

25 Feb 2015
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I would recommend Learn to Trade to anybody who wishes to change their life around. The reason for doing that is because I have done ...

Learn to Trade Review – Phi

25 Feb 2015
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Trade-wise, I’ve got a good trade where I had 2% return. So I’ve risked 1% and I’ve got a 2:1 risk ratio and I’m pretty happy about ...

Learn to Trade Review – Nick R

25 Feb 2015
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Look, you pay $40,000 or more for a college or university education and there’s really no guarantee of getting anything out of that. ...