Learn to Trade Review: Rodney

8 Oct 2015
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I think it was my first or second trade I got, it was a Euro/US trade and I got just on 130 pips. I am now back doing another course...

Learn to Trade Review: Troy

7 Oct 2015
1206 Total Views
SmartCharts is very good and easy to use; it’s easy to trade and easy to read. They set up the risk management there so you...
Ev and Steve Ord

Learn to Trade Review: Ev and Steve Ord

1 Jun 2015
2059 Total Views
We started April with a loss of -2.6% (the cost of the first two weeks of learning with our live account), we ended up with +1.1% - a ...
Review from Forex Trader

Learn to Trade Review: Karen

1 Jun 2015
2316 Total Views
I would really like to compliment Grant for the last four days Partner / Prop course. Trading is not an easy thing to grasp initially ...

Learn to Trade Review: SmartCharts

13 May 2015
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To be honest, it’s up to about 11% gain in about a month, drawn down about 6% but overall closing up a profit of about 3 or 4 %...

Learn to Trade Review: Leigh

11 May 2015
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The reason I started trading is because my partner and I are Property Investors. A lot of our income comes from rent from tenants...

Learn to Trade Review: Alice

11 May 2015
1944 Total Views
Last night I was excited to start getting money, $400, $600, $700, $1000, and more and more!

Learn to Trade Review: Elaine

11 May 2015
1544 Total Views
My best trade today would have to be the GBP/CAD. I knew exactly when to get into the trade, exactly when to get out and also when to ...