Learn to Trade Review: Wanyi

15 Jan 2016
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My best result was 25 pips and I got $56.00 from that. The whole day I got 80 pips, which is almost the weekly goal, so, I’m really ...

Learn to Trade Review: Richard

15 Jan 2016
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I made a couple of trades that I was quite impressed with, I then made 150 pips yesterday in a fairly simple set up and I’m very keen ...

Learn to Trade Review: Dennis

14 Jan 2016
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The system that the broker they use has, makes it so easy for me to pick up the things that I need and get instant updates on what I ...

Learn to Trade Review: David

13 Jan 2016
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I had zero prior to this. I’ve done roughly 4 weeks on and off nights pulling on a fake account. Now I’m real and live and it’s a bit ...

Learn to Trade Review: Graham

13 Jan 2016
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I’ve been doing live trading I have made 3% on my money already! It’s a wonderful feeling and I absolutely love it. It’s just made me ...

Learn to Trade Review: Colleen

12 Jan 2016
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I've always been interested In currency trading and spent 10 months trading earlier this year and held my own with a good company. The ...

Learn to Trade Review: Graham

26 Nov 2015
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The strategy that I have focused on so far is the 180 Phase Changer. I have developed a routine of reviewing the charts and trading ...

Learn to Trade Review: Roger

19 Nov 2015
1695 Total Views
I waited to see the result of the Non-farm Payroll news early Sat morning, and saw my account go from minus 1% to +15 % in the space of ...