Learn to Trade Review: Neil

23 May 2016
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I ended March with 3% improvement from being -2.52% profits in Feb. In April, I finished strong with 5% improvement from being -3.8% ...

Learn to Trade Review: Tracey

11 May 2016
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I decided to apply what I have learned and already use in my professional life as a scientist to trading. Discipline, time management, ...

Learn to Trade Review: Ian

17 Mar 2016
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Of the 4 Learn Forex strategies, I gravitated towards the 180PB and the Interbank Radar. The live trading sessions have to be the ...

Learn to Trade Review: Steve

16 Mar 2016
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I closed January with 6.5% profit; I closed February with 7.9% profit. Before our coaching sessions began in December...

Learn to Trade Review: Jamal

16 Mar 2016
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I am following two strategies. One is 180 Phase Changer and the other T Wave. This is how I made my schedule, I wake up early in the ...

Learn to Trade Review: Nafisa

16 Mar 2016
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The SmartCharts are absolutely brilliant. I think the amount of coaching and training that they are offering through SmartCharts is ...

Learn to Trade Review: Denis

16 Mar 2016
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Mr. Adam Truelove, I would like to give 100% satisfaction because he is very supportive and very friendly. Currently I am using the 180 ...

Learn to Trade Review: Neil

16 Mar 2016
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I work in the oil and gas industry as a proposal engineer. The situation in oil and gas made me think about different means of earning ...