Learn to Trade Review: Rodney

12 Oct 2015
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I think it was my first or second trade I got, it was a Euro/US trade and I got just on 130 pips. I am now back doing another course…

Colin testimonial

Learn to Trade Review: Colin

27 Feb 2015
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Also in doing that, you pick up some – using the strategies – fantastic opportunities and you get onto some really good trades. I’ve had some fantastic months…

Learn to Trade Review: SmartCharts

27 Feb 2015
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To be honest, it’s up to about 11% gain in about a month, drawn down about 6% but overall closing up a profit of about 3 or 4 %…

Learn to Trade Review: Elaine

27 Feb 2015
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My best trade today would have to be the GBP/CAD. I knew exactly when to get into the trade, exactly when to get out and also when to take my…

Learn to Trade Review: Jessica

27 Feb 2015
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I would recommend Learn to Trade to anybody who wishes to change their life around. The reason for doing that is because I have done that myself and I would – it’s done a 180 for me…

Learn to Trade Review: Fran & David

27 Feb 2015
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I learnt a lot during the course because it was like an extended boot camp. The benefit of being in Bali was the time zone because we would start…

Learn to Trade Review: Sam

27 Feb 2015
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They are committed to helping each individual get to where they need to be. It’s been good having the different coaches. Everyone trades differently and everyone…

Learn to Trade Review : Hernan

27 Feb 2015
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The coaches are great people; very experienced, very friendly and always willing to help. So it’s been great. I couldn’t do this by myself. I think that it’s very important to get…