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  • Forex Starter Course: $997
  • Trend Wave Strategy: $500
  • Forex Profit Fundamentals
  • Mastering the Technicals
  • Your Roadmap to Success

About This Workshop

This course is the culmination of 15 years experience of training people to trade based on strategies and risk management methods created on our own trading floors around the globe!


Risk Return

How to identify low risk opportunities with good risk return potential


Autopilot System

How to use set and forget systems and put your money-making on autopilot


30mins per day

Create an additional or replacement income from just 30 minutes a day!


London Fund

The same professional strategies that we use in our managed London fund


15yrs of Experience

Created based on 15 year’s experience training 300,000 people worldwide


Risk Management

Trading a volatile leveraged markets with risk management


Master Trader

You will get a trading strategy devised by master trader Greg Secker himself


Forex Markets

Trade on the biggest financial market in the world – $5.1 trillion traded daily!

Greg Morgan’s

Personal Trading Account

Here is Why You Should

Choose this course!

The Ultimate FX Starter Workshop from the multi award-winning global trader training company that will give everything you need you to start trading straight away!

  • It’s available 24 hours a day – so you can trade any time that suits you!
  • It’s the most liquid market in the world – so you can always get in and out of trades instantly – maximising your profits!
  • No expensive commissions and fees eating into your profits – just a small spread cost – making it the cheapest market to trade
  • These 24/5 liquid markets allows trades to be set up and managed automatically by computer, requiring less than an hour of your focus a day

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Course Agenda

The Ultimate Forex Starter workshop contains everything you need to start trading successfuly TODAY.

Module 1

Forex Profit Fundamentals

Create a powerful foundation for your trading expertise! This module covers such essentials as:

  • How pro traders make more per day than many people do per year – and how you can do it to, by doing what they do!
  • How to use trading platforms to create an income from anywhere
  • What REALLY moves the markets, and how can use use that knowledge by copying what the market movers are doing!
  • How to select the absolute best broker for you

Module 2

Mastering the Technicals

The next section will train you to be adept at the mechanics of trading, and the tools you will be using:

  • How to use Technical Analysis like the pros – to make sure you find every available opportunity!
  • How to master the essentials of Support, resistance and trends – the things that influence how the markets move
  • Perfecting Price Action – how to predict what is likely to happen next based on what’s happened thousands of times before
  • Mastering Indicators – your secret weapons on the trading war, and how to read them like the professionals do

Module 3

The Trend Wave Strategy

This is where you will combine your recently acquired knowledge and learn how to apply it for profit!

  • How this strategy works, and how to use it so that you know every time where to enter and exit a trade for maximum return
  • The secrets of time frame analysis – a trick that 90% of all amateurs miss out on!
  • Trades examples and exercises to help you practice!
  • Master one of the most powerful trading strategies Greg has ever produced

Module 4

Your Roadmap to Success

Having created a firm foundation for your skills, its time to give you an understanding of the road ahead!

  • Your journey as a trader – how to go from novice to money-making professional fast
  • How to master the psychology of trading (this is just as important as your technical skills!)
  • How to expertly manage your trades!
  • The complete toolkit and roadmap to provide you with a lucrative new career and a richer life
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