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Voted AU's Best Educational Training Product Award

Learn the fundamentals of Forex trading in a supportive environment.

During our 2-hour workshop, we’ll introduce you to the forex market and teach you what you need to know before embarking on your trading journey.

What to Expect

  • The fundamental basics of trading
  • How to use risk management strategies that could enable you to protect 98% of your trading account
  • Trading strategies that could help you identify profitable trades and come out of a trade at the right time!
  • The psychology of trading and what characterises successful traders

Benefits of Forex

  • Complete flexibility; trade at any time, from anywhere that suits you
  • Potentially profit from rising or falling markets
  • Trade on the largest and most liquid market in the World
  • Greg

    Reviews from our happy graduates

    Our Graduates Know Best:

    My journey started 2 ½ months ago, when I did the Learn Forex course with Adam Truelove – I’m very happy as I’m 9.5% up this month!. I put that down to great coaching and a great team here. I chose Learn to Trade for their coaching expertise and their education. I would encourage anyone that isn’t happy or comfortable with what they are doing right now in terms of making money – you’ve got to have the courage to look outside the box – trading is an exciting platform!. You can do a couple of hours in the morning or a couple of hours in the night and still make a good returns of 10% and when you get good that could be 20% a month!. I encourage you to come in and immerse yourself – then you will understand the potential of what trading can do with your life.
    Greg – September 2017
  • Michael

    Reviews from our happy graduates

    Our Graduates Know Best:

    I had no idea what it was that I'd do, but I knew it was time to leave my comfort zone after the mass redundancy from the docks. After attending an Anthony Robbins seminar and seeing Greg Secker talk about forex trading and his company Learn To Trade, I was hooked. Probably the toughest, most emotional, stressful two years of my life when coupled with other things going on at the time. But today I woke up paid, with no alarms. I'm still alive and it's the only job that upsets me when it's Friday and makes me happy when it's Monday. A big thank you to James Mathews and the Learn To Trade team in north Sydney. Believe to achieve, achieve to succeed.
    Michael – April 2017