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Award-winning, multi-million dollar trader and trainer Greg Secker, and his team bring you the only trading cheat-sheet you will ever need.

Tried, tested and perfected on their own personal trading floors in London, Johannesburg, Manila, and Sydney.

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What You Get With Your Cheatsheet

Momentous Highly Secret Trading Strategies
Like “The Breakfast Breakout,” “20 Bounce,” “180 Phase Changer,” mapped out to help you maximise the market every day of the week
One of the Largest and Longest-Standing Trader Educators in the World
With over 100 years combined trading experience to leverage, and transform into opportunities
​A Highly Liquid Market with High Cash Flow Hiding in Plain Sight
That gives you the real opportunity to create unlimited wealth through Forex trading

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Master Trader Greg Secker and founder of multi-award winning education company ‘Learn to Trade’ have taught over 250,000 ordinary people how to makeover their financial future.

Called upon as a trading ‘guru’, Greg’s opinions on Forex Market Direction and Trading Opportunities are regularly featured on major market channels including CNBC, Skynews, Bloomberg, TV3 Ireland, Channel M and BEN TV.

Greg has shared the stage with Tony Blair, Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, and Robert Kiyosaki. Greg and Learn to Trade’s sole mission is to help the everyday man to blaze a path to financial freedom.

Let us show you that only around 30 minutes a day can take you towards the lifestyle and rewards you deserve – by trading Forex. And anyone, from any background, can learn to do it.


“I had no idea what it was that I’d do, but I knew it was time to leave my comfort zone after the mass redundancy from the docks.”

Michael – April 2017