Simon’s Incredible Journey

To Becoming a Master Forex Trader

As part of Learn to Trade’s commitment of giving back to the community, we have had the honour of supporting a person with a very special story on his journey to financial independence.

Simon Smith first met James Mathews from Learn to Trade back in 2011, but decided to get back in touch with him again when he was at a point in his life where he realized that he needed to take concrete steps to increase his earning potential.

In this post, we will tell you Simon’s incredible story and how he ended up as a student in our Unlimited Wealth Program.

How it all started

Perth 1984 - 5 years old (just moved to Aus from UK)

Simon Smith was born in England in 1979. Four years old, his family moved to Australia in search of new opportunities. It didn’t last long, however, before the family again was on the move, this time to Saudi Arabia.

During the family’s time in Saudi Arabia, Simon and his sister went to boarding school in Cyprus for a couple of years, before he returned to work for his father’s IT company.

In 1997, the family permanently moved to the then fast-emerging city of Dubai, where Simon got introduced to flying. Flying quickly developed into a passion for Simon and he managed to obtain his Private Pilot’s License in Dubai, with the aim of one day becoming a commercial airline pilot.

Dubai skyline

During his flight training in Dubai, Simon was frustrated with the high costs associated with becoming a professional pilot. When sharing this concern with a friend who worked as the Head of Security for a local Sheikh, his friend suggested to go and get training in close protection instead. It was a booming industry in Dubai, and the cost of obtaining the necessary training and certifications was very reasonable compared to flying.

And so it went. Simon received his diploma in close protection and worked for several prominent Middle Eastern clients. In Simon’s own words;

it was a real eye-opener into the world of the super-rich.”

After working in the security industry in Dubai for a few years, Simon decided to get back to flying and started working towards his commercial pilot’s license, receiving training both in Australia and in the Middle East. As most big airlines require their new pilots to have a rather high number of flight hours before they are given a job, Simon kept himself busy accumulating flight hours in the always sunny skies of the Gulf region;

“[…] this was the beginning of an amazing career I was so passionate about. I was 24 and had an amazing flying career ahead of me.”

Simon Smith

The turning point

While on a holiday in Cyprus in 2003, Simon’s life changed when he got into a serious car accident. Although he has no memory of the accident, Simon later said he believe he went through what’s known as a near-death experience.

“I woke up in bed with machines and tubes everywhere, wondering what had happened. A nurse approached me and said, ‘It’s okay Simon you’re safe and in hospital. You’ve been in a car accident.’ Initially, I was so medicated I wasn’t really with it. I remember thinking something was wrong with my legs as they didn’t feel right, but I couldn’t move from the neck down.”

In addition to multiple injuries to his abdomen, to Simon’s horror he discovered that due to his extensive surgery both his legs had to be amputated.

The next 10 months were spent in the hospital, going in and out of surgery 1 to 2 times per week. Devastated both physically and mentally, Simon started to realize that without legs, he would never be able to fly again as a pilot.


Finding a partner to spend his life and starting a family with also seemed to be almost impossible. In his darkest moments, Simon even thought about saving up his medication to put an end to it all.

After being discharged from the hospital followed 9 months at Queen Mary’s Rehabilitation Hospital in London. Due to severe perceived pain in his now amputated legs, known as Phantom Limb Pain, Simon had to meet with pain specialists regularly.

In Simon’s own words, rehab taught him how to live again. Simon explains:

When I was at the rehab hospital, there came a day when I said to myself ‘you can either sit here and feel sorry for yourself, or you can suck it up and get on with living your life as you’ve been given a second chance’.  I decided then and there to fight and try and make the best of my new life.”

While at rehab, Simon met life-long friends who were also amputees, and therefore could understand the sort of things he was going through. According to Simon, the rehab hospital spent a lot of time telling him about the things he couldn’t do anymore:

“[…] I used to take those comments as a challenge and was a rebel with my friends.  On occasion, we’d sneak out of the hospital at night and go down to the local pub – we must have made a sight and used to joke that we were going to go and get legless!”

Simon's wedding
Simon's wedding
Simon's wedding

Simon’s new life

After completing rehab in London, Simon returned to his home in Dubai. However, he quickly found out that the place was not ideal for people with disabilities. In 2006, he therefore finally returned back to Australia to start his new life.

After first working for a bank for a couple of years, Simon switched over to the Federal Government where he’s had a fairly successful career within a number of different government departments.

In 2015, he met his now fiancé online. After many difficult years, things were finally looking bright for Simon. He and his fiancé started planning to build a home and raise a family together.

However, Simon knew that building a wheelchair-accessible home in Australia would not be cheap. In addition, Simon wanted to save up money to pay for an expensive medical procedure necessary for him to possibly get the chance to walk again.

Simon realized that he needed to significantly increase his income to be able to pay for all this. At that point, Simon decided to get back in touch with James Mathews from Learn to Trade, whom he had met during a trading course back in 2011, to get his advice.

To Simon’s amazement, James Mathews offered to enrol him in Learn to Trade’s Unlimited Wealth Program for free! The only requirement was that Simon regularly updated Learn to Trade on his progress, so that his story could be used to inspire others.

Trading had always interested Simon, but as for the rest of us, he never thought he would be able to do it for a living. Being given the chance to go through Learn to Trade’s elite coaching program was therefore a potentially life-changing opportunity that Simon felt he had to take:

“This opportunity will change my life completely, and, as my goal is to become a full-time trader, this will afford me the time and money to pursue the medical procedure that will hopefully allow me to walk again, get married, and afford to build a nice wheelchair-accessible family home where we can raise a family.”

What can Simon’s story teach us?

As Simon’s own story proves, whenever someone is 100% committed

To achieving something, there is nothing that can stop them. If Simon did it after losing both of his legs, you can do it too. Dedication, hard work, and a mind-set of taking action and getting things done are the ingredients necessary for success both in trading and in life in general.

We will definitely continue to follow Simon on his journey to becoming a master forex trader. Stay tuned to this blog as we share updates on his progress towards this ultimate goal!

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