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Wayne Murray

Wayne Murray has recently joined the Learn to Trade team, having graduated as an Unlimited Wealth Student in 2016. Although no previous experience in the financial markets, Wayne has been able to adapt his newfound knowledge of forex trading into a fulltime passion.

He learnt the value of hard work, responsibility and independence at the young age of 13, doing a milk run (hanging out the back of a van with a bunch of his mates) while living with his mother and one of his older brothers – who says you can’t work hard and make it fun at the same time? Today, if it were one of his kids though, he’d say ‘Safety first!’

After a stint as a trainee with the Sheraton hotel group, Wayne went on to gaining invaluable experience in various sales roles at home and in Canada. Never one to shy away from an opportunity, Wayne tried his hand at developing and distributing products for the hospitality and retail industries until he got into fulltime trading.

Happily married for over 14 years and busy raising two awesome children, Wayne enjoys the freedom and work/life balance that trading provides. He believes that this disciplined skillset is a key vehicle to setting up sound prowess in building financial wealth. His love for trading led him to joining the Learn to Trade team as a Frontend Speaker.

If you’ve heard the saying, “It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together,” – this is something that Wayne lives by and he works towards helping others achieve the same fulfillment that he enjoys.

Phillip Janicki

Phillip is a prime example and living proof that anyone can become a successful forex trader. As he approached his late 20’s and decided he wanted more freedom in his lifestyle he made the decision to become a currency trader and never looked back. Within just a couple of years he had turned his world around and become a full-time trader, opening up his life to unlimited possibilities.

Through Phillip’s journey and the realisation that anyone can achieve this lifestyle, he grew an urge and desire to help other traders become successful as well. He is very passionate about self-development and motivating people in their pursuits for all forms of success, such a business endeavours to fitness goals.

Phillip experienced some tough times growing through his teenage years and into early adulthood, yet this adversity only proved to be fuel for the fire, as his drive and determination, to consistently achieve his goals continue to motivate him further. While he experienced professional growth in his career, his expansive mind would never let him settle for a comfortable lifestyle as he believes there are no limits to what one can achieve in their life.

All of Phillip’s achievements to date come from a result of consistent hard work and unwavering determination to experience life to the fullest. Phillip is dedicated to aiding and assisting others on their journey to achieve the same outcomes and finds continued inspiration in seeing his students achieve success they never thought possible.

Greg Morgan

Greg boasts a humbling start to life, living in a low socioeconomic area outer Melbourne, where his family struggled on the daily to survive financially.

His experiences taught him invaluable life lessons— chiefly, to think critically about his actions and how his decisions impact others. This powerful personal axiom is, largely, what drives him as a successful Forex currency trader.

After two years out of work and a strenuous battle with cancer, Greg decided the rest of his life would happen on his own terms. His first foray into FX trading was when he enrolled in Greg Secker’s Learn To Trade’s award winning Learn forex program and never looked back.

Greg was awarded Trader of the Year. By following Learn to Trade’s trading strategies and rules traded his account to 183%. Greg Secker himself asked Greg to take a part-time role with Learn to Trade, as an ambassador to their flagship forex trading program. A position he loves, saying, “it gives me an opportunity to change people’s lives through trading.”

Anyone can trade forex says Greg, if they develop their trading knowledge, build a forex trading strategy, and gain experience trading the market. Anyone can make money trading. You just have to know how. If you want to get an edge or to really make money trading, education is crucial.

Greg will show you how to trade live in the markets, teach you a trading strategy that can walk away with and start making money today and ultimately put you on a path to financial independence.

Gurdas Singh Sidhu

Gurdas Singh Sidhu is regarded as one of the top retail traders in the world with over 12 years of experience in the industry. Gurdas gained valuable experience as an intern on one of London’s top trading floors, achieving unparalleled success by his mid-20s. Having been mentored and coached by Greg Secker, his discipline and consistency allow him to trade effectively from intraday trading to long term investing.

His long-term growth has led to him heading up the European Trading Desk in London and has worked extensively with traders to build trading floors in South Africa and Australia.

Gurdas’ success came despite having a humble start in life. He was born to Indian parents who worked in car factories in the South of England. Education was always the most important priority in his household, and his parent’s sacrifice allowed Gurdas to graduate from the London School of Economics. It was there that he learned the importance of surrounding yourself with high achievers and overcoming personal limitations.

All of Gurdas’ achievements came as a result of endless hard work and unwavering determination. Gurdas is dedicated to showing others how they have the opportunity to do the same and is continually inspired by watching his students achieve the kind of success they thought they could only ever dream of.

About This Workshop

This course is the culmination of 15 years experience of training people to trade based on strategies and risk management methods created on our own trading floors around the globe!


Risk Return

How to identify low risk opportunities with good risk return potential


Autopilot System

How to use set and forget systems and put your money-making on autopilot


30mins per day

Create an additional or replacement income from just 30 minutes a day!


London Fund

The same professional strategies that we use in our managed London fund


15yrs of Experience

Created based on 15 year’s experience training 300,000 people worldwide


Risk Management

Trading a volatile leveraged markets with risk management


Master Trader

You will get a trading strategy devised by master trader Greg Secker himself


Forex Markets

Trade on the biggest financial market in the world – $5.1 trillion traded daily!

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