Learning To Trade For The Beginner

There are so many things you’ll become knowledgeable about when you are learning to trade Forex. It’s important that before you even begin trading, you learn the important basics. When you are learning to trade, one important lesson you’ll learn is how to distinguish between two simple approaches to trading:

Automated systems (called robots) and Discretionary trading

Both approaches to trading offer the same amount of earning potential, they’re just different. When you are learning to trade, you need to figure out whether you want to use an automated system, in which a trading system will be making the decisions for you, or if you want to use a discretionary trading approach, which will mean that you will be making all of the decisions.

The decision to go either way is up to the individual

4 Simple Steps to Learning to Trade Forex with Learn to Trade

We appreciate that learning to trade may appear to be a difficult or daunting thing to embark on.
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The decision to go either way is up to the individual.

Automated systems trading is a legitimate way of accessing the currency markets for those who know what they are doing. It can, but doesn’t always require knowledge of programming as many of the algorithms simply plug in to the MetaTrader platform (your trading platform that you use to interface with your broker).

This type of trading is rule-based trading, so basically if the atmosphere is right regardless of other factors, the trade is made and is absolute, regardless of whether the price is satisfactory or if other criteria is met. It can also expose you to significant human risk:That you or the person who wrote it, made an error

That unusual movement in the markets can cause big losses. For example in 2013 Associated Press’ twitter account was hacked and released news the the White House had been destroyed. This caused a dive on the share market and USD (against the JPY).

Learning to trade automated systems has been offered to advanced students in the past however we have abandoned this approach company wide as discretionary trading offers more to the retail customer.

Discretionary trading is what Learn to Trade is all about. Learning to trade with this approach puts you in control of the risk and reward.

Why we prefer discretionary trading:

Discretionary trading puts you in the drivers seat at all times. You decide when you identify a good entry point or exit point. When it comes to automated trading, it’s like putting someone in the drivers seat of your new car, telling them how to use it, and simply hoping they do a good job and take care of your vehicle for you.

While discretionary traders are able to track trades using a system, if a system trader wants to interrupt with a trade he/she is unable to because they have to follow the system’s trade to the end.

Discretionary traders need to have discipline to be able to watch and analyse the markets in order to make informed decisions about his/her trades.

Discretionary traders learn to utilise both technical analysis and fundamental analysis when placing trades.

Learning how to use discretionary trading is really the first step to learning to trade. This is because it lays the foundations for a solid understanding of how Forex trading works. You are doing all the work, and you are controlling what you do.

Discretionary traders get to experience the excitement of what it’s like to be a Forex trader.

If you are a discretionary trader, you can also use system trading, by following a system for your entries, taking trades that the system identifies, however use your discretionary power to exit the trades when you see fit. If however you are a systems trader, it’s not possible for you to also be a discretionary trader. This is because once someone decides to deviate from their trading system, they are no longer an automated systems trader, but rather a discretionary trader.

Learn to Trade are much more than just a Forex education provider. We are a team of coaches, and to our knowledge the only Forex trading coaching company in the world. By giving our delegates the opportunity to be guided and coached by professional traders in a live trading environment, we are confident that our students will successfully learn how to trade Forex and be able to put in place the important strategies they need to make a steady stream of income trading on the Forex market.

At Learn to Trade we have four main strategies that we teach to help guide traders through different market conditions and different timeframes.

We teach a range of strategies for the discretionary trader to use, like our Ultimate Forex Sniper which assists traders manage trades live. We also have the Ultimate Forex Pivots system which helps traders identify support and resistance levels, so that traders are also able to work out what direction the market is moving and how they can profit from this market movement.

These are just two of the four robust strategies we offer beginners. If you want to learn to trade from professional traders who can teach you what you need to know to start making money trading Forex, then call us today and start your journey to financial freedom.