Learning Forex The Right Way

Learning Forex trading requires the same commitment as learning any new skill. It involves motivation, determination and above all research to find the best learning environment to meet your needs.

With any new skill you learn, you have to start with the basics and build on your knowledge, starting with a solid foundation.

When it comes to trading, Learn to Trade are at the forefront of the Forex training and education industry.We believe that an educated trader equipped with the right skills and expertise is a successful Forex trader.

To help you learn more about the world of Forex, below is some helpful information:

4 Simple Steps to Learning to Trade Forex with Learn to Trade

We appreciate that learning to trade may appear to be a difficult or daunting thing to embark on.
However after 10 years of teaching people of all backgrounds and professions to trade Forex we have
developed a host of FREE educational products to help you on your Journey.

1 Sign Up For Your Free Package

To begin your journey through Forex education, we have developed an excellent program that will immerse you in amazing content from one of the world’s most successful Forex traders and teacher – Greg Secker.

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2 Attend To Our FREE FX Seminar

Come along to our Free Forex Workshop and learn how you can enhance your lifestyle through trading the Forex market. Register today for a Free Forex Workshop and learn from real traders what it takes to become successful in the Currency markets.

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3 Strategies

The focus at Learn to Trade is on what strategies work in the market today for the purpose of creating cash-flow. We have developed and refined trading methods to suit the varying psychology and lifestyles of our students.

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4 1 on 1 Coaching

Sourced from the best of the professional and private spheres of the Trading and Financial industry, these talented and proven traders are the core of our business. There is no better team to coach you to trading success.

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Not only do we put an emphasis on keeping up to date with strategies and Forex market updates, but we believe in providing clients with a hands on learning environment.

That’s why we offer a variety of forex trading courses to suit your specific needs, no matter where you are in your forex trading journey. Our educators are successful traders, so you can be confident knowing that you are not only learning the important theoretical side to forex trading, but you are also learning from the best professionals in the industry, who have real-life experience.

Through theoretical and practical elements, our courses aim to maximise your Forex trading success.

Learn to trade Forex in a practical, fun and fast paced environment. Call us today to speak to one of our Forex trading education specialists to find out which course is suitable for you.

Quotes- Currency is always quoted in pairs because you are always trading one currency for another. For example, EUR/USD at 1.4044 represents how much one euro is currently worth in US dollars.

Pips- The pip is the ‘price interest point.’ It measures the amount of change in the exchange rate for that particular currency pair. Currency pairs are always displayed with four decimal places and one pip equals 0.0001. Yen-based currency pairs are the only exception to this rule and are displayed to only two decimal places, for example 0.01.

Lots- The smallest trade size available is referred to as a lot. In the forex market accounts have a standard lot size of 1,000 units of currency. Traders can trade in larger amounts, they just have to be in increments of 1,000 units.

Leverage/margin- Traders use borrowed money to make a trade. This means that you are able to take advantage of leverage. So for example, if you leverage 50:1 you can trade with $1,000 in the forex market and only put aside $20 as security deposit. This is useful because it means that you can take advantage of the smallest movements in the market by controlling more money trading on the market than you have in your account. With this is mind, leverage can also increase your losses, so it’s not always suitable for all traders.

Don’t know where to get started? Find out how you can achieve financial freedom by attending one of our FREE two hour workshops where you’ll learn:
  • How you can earn a solid income from just 60 minutes of forex trading a day
  • 4 powerful strategies developed by Greg Secker for trading success
  • The risk management techniques used by professional traders
  • How to make money trading forex when the markets are rising and falling
  • Find out about the system that the banks use to make money
If you want to achieve financial freedom and find out how to earn a second income from the comfort of your own home, join us at the next FREE Learn to Trade workshop near you.

At Learn To Trade we understand that learning to trade on the forex market can be daunting to begin with. That’s why we’ve developed a range of different trader training programs to suit the different needs of people who are at different points in their forex trading journey.

At Learn to Trade, we understand the importance of giving you the learning tools you need to commence your forex trading journey. We’ve segmented these tools and information into 4 easy, go-at-your-own-pace steps:

  • Ultimate Forex Home Study Kit

The home study kit provides you with the right foundation to commence your forex trader training, equipping you with information, knowledge and advice you need so you have a solid grasp of the most important concepts and strategies.

  • Free FX Training

Attend one of our Free Forex Workshops and find out how you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of, by trading on the forex market. Register today and learn from real traders what it takes to be successful trading on the currency market and how you can earn a sold income in just 60 minutes a day.

  • Learn Our Strategies

Unlike other forex trading educators, we are successful traders ourselves and have the practical experience and knowledge to be able to share our own set of strategies and expertise with our clients in a hands on, live trading environment.

  • 1 on 1 Coaching

Sourced from the best of the professional and private spheres of the forex world, these talented and proven traders are the core of our business. There is no better group to coach you to trading success.

Stop putting it off. Start your journey to financial freedom today by speaking to one of our forex trading education specialists.

At Learn to Trade, we are real traders that get real results. Unlike other forex education providers we have a live trading floor in our office, so you can watch and learn from professional traders at work on our forex trading floor.

Not only do we give our clients the chance to be able to learn and receive coaching from trading professionals in a real trading environment, but we also give you online access to our trading floor so you can:

  • See firsthand how forex trading works
  • See what trading strategies we use and how we use them
  • Learn how to identify potential trading opportunities in real time
  • Witness firsthand the exact entry and exit criteria and set ups used by successful traders

We believe that the only way for our clients to learn the strategies and methodologies of successful traders is to watch and learn from them firsthand. That’s why we show you exactly how much money our traders make, by publishing their trade calls and results.

All of our Learn to Trade delegates receive access to our Live Trading Floor, which means:
  • You learn from professional forex traders as they identify opportunities including entry, exit and stop loss points for end of day and intraday trades.
  • Trade alerts will be sent straight to your inbox via our email alert service, so you never miss out on the latest trading opportunity.
  • You’ll stay informed with the latest market and trading updates and news.
  • You will have access to an online forum where you can ask our traders questions.
  • Each week you’ll receive a video update on trading news through our ‘Secrets of the Forex Masters’ series.

We are a dedicated team of trading professionals who live and breathe forex. It’s our aim to teach you the strategies you need to achieve financial security through forex trading.

If you want to find out how others have used forex trading as a vehicle for their own sustainable wealth creation then one of our specialised courses may be the solution for you.

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