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Greg Secker is the CEO and founder of Learn to Trade. From it’s humble home classroom beginnings, Secker grew the company into what is now, one of the leading Forex trading education providers in the world.

Greg Secker’s Forex training program has grown in leaps and bounds for a number of reasons. While many people felt that Forex trading was only something the big banks should take in, Secker saw the benefit for smaller investors to trade currency.

By the age of 27, Greg Secker was able to leave the corporate world and begin trading at home. As those around him began to realise his success, his home soon turned into a learning environment for friends and family who were eager to learn how Greg Secker was able to trade so successfully on the Forex market.

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He started in a job as an IT trading technologist for Thomas Cook Financial Services on a currency trading floor. When he noticed how much the traders were earning, he wanted in on the Forex trading action, so he began learning how to deliver currency prices, to customers in real time with greater accuracy – called the Virtual Trading Desk™. A large part of the VTD’s success was due to Greg learning how to trade and integrating the Forex trading strategies used on Thomas Cook’s trading floor into a user friendly platform ready for successful currency trading.

In 2003, Greg decided to launch his very own Forex trading training firm, Lerant to Trade. The key difference between what Greg had established and what was currently on offer in the Forex trading trainer environment was a combination of a training environment that also included a trading room, where students could learn first-hand how to trade in a real-life trading environment.

By 2009, Learn to Trade had offices in London, Sydney, Johannesburg and Capetown. The company was a finalist in the 2010 London Excellence Awards and claimed 49th place in the 2010 Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards. For 2012 and 2013 Learn to Trade was voted the best FX educator.

Since 2003, over 250,000 people have attended Learn to Trade.

Learn to Trade are pioneers when it comes to teaching Forex trading strategies Many Forex trading education specialists are pedaling get rich quick schemes that involve complicated software combined with classroom learning. Learn to Trade takes a different approach by teaching people the strategies they need to put in place, giving them real-life trading experience while they begin to navigate the world of Forex trading.

Greg firmly believes that traders need to know what is happening to their investment when they take certain actions and why they need to understand what happens in the market.

By giving their delegates the chance to learn the fundamentals of Forex trading in a classroom environment and then give them the ability to experience teaching with the guidance of experienced trader coaches by their side, traders who are just starting out are able to put what they learn into practice in a supportive environment. This helps them to gain the practical skills they need and the confidence necessary to trade with a level head which also involves knowing when not to trade.

All of the trainers at Learn to Trade are experienced traders from either the banking industry or people who have successfully retired and are now trading on their own. While they are trading from home offices, many still enjoy being able to trade in an environment with other people who they can discuss the markets with and share trading strategies.

Learning Forex trading strategies is not a matter of studying pages of content inside out. While you need a solid foundation and a general understanding of the basic concepts, it’s also important to be adaptable and flexible as well as willing to learn new things. As different conditions emerge, companies are constantly coming up with new trading algorithms and robots.

Learn to Trade understands how important it is for their traders to stay abreast of all market updates and to ensure this happens the trainers are given new training manuals every time there is an update and they also participate regularly in specialist training seminars.

As Greg’s company has grown, so to have the training options made available to Learn to Trade delegates. Not everyone wants to spend their days glued to their computer screen, and so teaching the end-of-day trading strategy to time-poor individuals has proved extremely successful.

Being able to identify the needs of traders wanting to learn how to trade Forex and being able to successfully do so is testament to Greg Secker’s training programs. To listen to feedback from people who have participated in Learn to Trade’s programs check out the reel of real-life testimonials.

Greg is often called upon by the media to discuss important issues concerned Forex trading. He’s spoken on some of the world’s biggest channels including CNBC and Bloomberg.

Greg travels regularly to speak at a number of events throughout the year working alongside people like T Harv Eker and Tony Blair. Recently Greg spoke at Anthony Robbins Wealth Mastery program and The National Achievers Congress in Asia.

Greg Secker is not only revered as a pioneer in Forex trading, but he is also the founder of the Knowledge to Action Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that helps improves the lives of children around the world.

When Greg isn’t speaking, trading, or working with his foundation, he’s spending time with his son, Santiago and wife, Katherine Scott who co-founded the Knowledge to Action Foundation with him.

In order to become a successful trader, you need to have the right mindset and not let yourself be ruled by your emotions. Part of what we do at Learn to Trade is show beginner traders how to put in place a Forex trading plan that will not lead you to making irrational trading decisions that could ultimately lead you to losing your investment.

We are real traders who know what it takes to make money trading Forex. By learning from the best you’ll not only find out how to identify the right entry and exit points but also how to plan ahead and remain level headed under pressure.

Greg Secker’s visionary idea of having a live trading floor as part of the learning environment means that by attending one of our programs you’ll not only understand the important fundamentals and basics of Forex trading, but you’ll also have a deeper understanding of the signals that Forex traders use.

Thousands of people around the world have learnt Forex trading strategies and achieved their financial goals by attending one of Greg’s Learn to Trade programs. Get on board today and find out how you can trade Forex and increase your cash flow.

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