Frequently Asked Questions – Free Forex Seminar

Can I bring a guest?

With your registration ticket you may bring up to three people along with you as your guests. They simply need to come with to the seminar and sign in at the registration desk.

How long is the seminar?

The seminar will run for approximately 2 hours, and there are no scheduled breaks during this time.

Is there parking at the venue?

Please refer to your map and directions for all parking information, which can be found on your e-ticket.

Will food & drink be provided?

No refreshments are provided at the venue, but water will be available.

What is the dress code?

Casual, but please dress in layers as the room temperature may vary.

Do I need a laptop?

We will provide pen and paper for you to take notes.

I can no longer make the seminar, are there alternate dates?

We update our website every few weeks, if you cannot see a suitable date then please revisit our website to rebook at a time that is more convenient.

I cannot print my e-ticket?

It is not essential to print your ticket. Please give your name to our events staff on the registration desk and they will be able to make a note of your attendance.

Why is the seminar free?

Learn to Trade as a company offer a variety of additional courses and coaching, however this is a free introductory seminar to introduce you to our company and the methods of trading we teach.

Trader Training Courses

What does my Learn Forex course include?

Your Program Includes:

  1. Learn Forex course manual
  2. Home study DVD
  3. 2 day immersive training including pre-course setup and four trading strategies
  4. 3 one to one Coaching sessions
  5. Lifetime access to our graduate website
  6. One year access to our MidWeek Market Focus and the LiveTradingFloor™

Coaching sessions are to be booked within 4 weeks of the course.

Learn Forex Course : We have two very exciting days planned for you which will help you achieve your financial independence goals!

Coaching Sessions: You will receive 3 thirty minute coaching sessions. Your 1 to 1 coaching sessions can be taken through Skype. You will be assigned a coach and be able to book your 3 thirty minute coaching sessions immediately following the course. A popular choice, is taking two coaching sessions back to back for an hour long session. Your 3 thirty minute coaching sessions must be booked 6 weeks following the course as these are important and we want to be coached by a professional trader straight away.

Lifetime access to our graduate website: The graduate website contains lots of useful information including ‘The Getting Started Wizard.’ Access the ‘Getting Started Wizard’ for all pre-course set up information including opening a trading account and purchasing and installing your charting package. It also houses tutorial videos and trading glossaries as well as a trading journal.

One year access to our MidWeek Market Focus: This is a weekly online video presentation. The video is available to watch from 6pm GMT every Wednesday evening. The presentation also includes Q&A section which will be live for 24 hours after the presentation is released. The video presentation is lead by a professional trader coach on our Live Trading Floor and focus on world market news and trading topics relating to both Stock and Forex to further enhance the knowledge you have learnt on our immersion course. Prior to the course access these presentation so better enhance your trading jargon. To access this service you will need to register for a free account through the ‘MidWeek Market Focus’ section on the graduate website.

What is the schedule for my 2 day Learn Forex Programme course?

Time				Schedule: Day 1 & Day 2
8:30am				Registration Opens
9:00am				Course Commences
11:00am				Break (20 minutes)
13:00pm				Lunch Break (1 hour)
15:30pm				Break (20 minutes)
17:30pm - 18:00pm		Approximately Finish

What topics are covered on the course?

Day 1 – Core Forex Skills and Strategy

Mechanics of the Forex Market
Best trading time zones
How to Place the Carry Trade
Critical Forex Fundamentals
How to use the News in Forex Trading
9 Forex Trading Secrets!
Applying Technical Analysis in Forex markets
The Importance of Divergence
Important Forex Chart Patterns
Setup your Forex Trading Account

Day 2 – Forex Strategies, Integration, Risk and Psychology

Forex Risk Management
Profit Targets and Risk Reduction Strategies
180 Phase Changer™
T Wave™
Inter Bank Radar™
Money Market Breakout™
Forex Trader Psychology

What do I bring to the course?

Please bring photo ID for registration. If you have a laptop you may bring this on the 2nd day of the course as there may be an opportunity to place a trade however a laptop is not required or compulsory on the 2 day course. Pen, pencil, ruler, calculator and paper will be provided. You will receive your 400+ page manual during registration on Day 1.

What is the dress code?

The dress code is casual, but please dress in layers as temperature of room may vary.

What do I need to do to set up for the course?

You will need to have a charting package and a trading account opened and funded.

What is a charting package and why do I need one?

You will need a charting package in order to analyze the current trading markets, draw trend lines, and create a trading watch list. This is your tool to do your research in order to understand what to trade. You will be supported by our Client Services team for all pre-course questions and have access to our secure graduate website which contains step by step guides for getting set up.

What is a trading account?

A trading account is like a bank account, this is where your money is kept. You use your trading account to place trades onto the market. A funded trading account is required to trade.