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One of our global community’s greatest achievements has been the staggering growth of billionaires and the super-rich in the last decade. However as the cost of living rises and real wage growth for the middle class stagnates, we often forget to be as grateful as we should, when we fail to make ends meet.

For those who believe they owe the super-rich nothing, and want financial freedom for themselves, our Forex training course is designed to teach you how to grow your wealth yourself, without the need to invest in complicated software or get rich quick schemes.

A Forex training course with Learn to Trade is designed to introduce you to the currency market and equip you with the strategies and risk management tools to take part in this lucrative and growing market.

4 Simple Steps to Learning to Trade Forex with Learn to Trade

We appreciate that learning to trade may appear to be a difficult or daunting thing to embark on.
However after 10 years of teaching people of all backgrounds and professions to trade Forex we have
developed a host of FREE educational products to help you on your Journey.

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To begin your journey through Forex education, we have developed an excellent program that will immerse you in amazing content from one of the world’s most successful Forex traders and teacher – Greg Secker.

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2 Attend To Our FREE FX Seminar

Come along to our Free Forex Workshop and learn how you can enhance your lifestyle through trading the Forex market. Register today for a Free Forex Workshop and learn from real traders what it takes to become successful in the Currency markets.

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3 Strategies

The focus at Learn to Trade is on what strategies work in the market today for the purpose of creating cash-flow. We have developed and refined trading methods to suit the varying psychology and lifestyles of our students.

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4 1 on 1 Coaching

Sourced from the best of the professional and private spheres of the Trading and Financial industry, these talented and proven traders are the core of our business. There is no better team to coach you to trading success.

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Real Results

Bells and whistles aside, you want to invest in a Forex training course that can offer you real results. Forex training trading providers should be able to offer you not only testimonials, but trading results they’ve achieved themselves. Their ability to trade well is a testament to what they can teach you to achieve through your own trading.


Learning online or in a classroom environment is useful to some degree and can be a very important part of any course. However having hands on practical experience cannot be replaced by theory teaching. In order to get the most out of your trading course, you want to ensure you also get the chance to experience a live trading floor environment at some point during your Forex learning journey with any Forex training provider. All of our students receive coaching on our trading floor with every course.

Professional Trading Mentors

There are many theorists in the forex trading industry. These people have different ideas on how to trade successfully, and are eager to teach people their own strategies for forex success. The problem is, many of these people aren’t successful traders themselves. They just like to learn and teach others about the theories behind currency trading.

Do your research

Unfortunately there are plenty of scam artists out there making outrageous claims about what they can help you achieve. Take your time before signing up for any Forex trading course.

Successful traders are always educated traders. That’s why it’s so important that you choose the right forex trading training provider. If you want to find out more to see if Learn to Trade’s forex trading course is right for you, contact us now on (02) 8412 6000 and speak to one of our friendly education specialists.

Learn to Trade

In the 10 years Learn to Trade has been trading and educating we have learnt a great deal about what you need to know and what you don’t. Summarised by our founder and CEO Greg Secker as “what to do and when to do it” our Forex training course teaches you how to:

  • Understand why currency moves up and down and how to identify high probability trades in real time
  • How to manage risk in a simple and effective manner that puts you back in control
  • Identify what time of the day and week do big money managers enter the market and how to profit from the big moves
  • How to spot a trend, how to follow a trend and get in and out at the right time
  • Get into the right mindset to trade successfully

Live Trading Floor

When you start your Forex journey with Learn to Trade, you’ll have access to our Live Trading Floor, where you’ll be given the opportunity to watch and learn from professional traders in a real-time, live trading environment.

This is the sort of learning environment which we believe ensures that once you’ve finished the Forex trading course with us, you’ll be confident to start trading yourself.

Ongoing Support and Advice

Once you complete your Forex trading course with us, we also offer you ongoing support and advice and give you access to our trading floor online. This means you’ll have access to all of the information about our Forex trading strategies, plus you’ll be able to ask any questions about trading you may have. Our traders will also identify high probability setups on the charts and publish this online.

Through the live trading floor online service you will also be sent trading call emails as well as tips and advice.

Our forex training course has been developed to remove the technical jargon and waffle that reduces your understanding of the financial markets and requires the umbilical to keep you connected to the possibility of seeing a profit. Here at Learn to Trade our mantra is all about your independence and our forex trading course is designed to enable you to see and place trades with confidence and assurance.

Our forex training course starts at our free forex workshop where you’ll learn about how you can earn an auxiliary income by investing just 30-60 minutes of your time each day. You’ll also learn:

  • 4 powerful trading strategies, developed by our CEO and successful currency trader, Greg Secker.
  • The lifestyle of a forex trader, and how to make the transition from your current job to where you want to be trading forex and working for yourself.
  • The risk management techniques used by everyone from pros to beginners to ensure your capital investment remains protected.
  • How it’s possible to make money when the currency market is moving both up and down.
  • The system that the big banks use to keep growing their wealth.

Imagine being in control of your own destiny. While some people only dream about it, others take the necessary steps to start living their lives to their full capacity. For many people, learning how to trade forex is the starting point. Attending one of our free forex workshops is the ideal way to find out if forex trading is right for you. It’s completely FREE, so you’ve got nothing to lose. What are you waiting for? Register now to reserve your place at our next FREE workshop near you.