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Currency Trader Training Workshop Australia

Take control of your financial future and explore the possibilities of your wealth creation with currency Trading.

At Learn to Trade we can show you how it is possible to earn a second income from the comfort of your own home using the tools of millionaire traders.

Come along to our Free Currency Workshop and realise how you can enhance your lifestyle through currency trading.

What you can expect your journey to look like with us!

Foreign Exchange trading provides the opportunity to tap into a highly liquid market with a high cash flow potential.

Voted Best Global FX Educator

At this exclusive seminar We will give you a wealth of vital information to help you in your discovery of the Currency market

Currency market

A clear and concise insight into the Currency market

Understand how the markets work 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday and how you can trade at times that best fit around your lifestyle.

Making Money

Understand how you can generate income

As a highly liquid, volatile market, it is possible to make money from both the rise and fall of currency pairs. In this eBook, we explain how.

Understand Currency

Discover the key information needed to get started in the Currency market

From the bear and bull basics to the pips that make up the core, we break down the essential information that you need to know before you invest in currency trading.

Risk | Reward Ratio

Gain an understanding of how risk and reward are mitigated by professional traders

The most important thing when trading in a volatile market, is to manage risk. Learn how to mitigate your risk and create consistency in your Currency trading like a professional trader.

Our Currency Trading Course will show you how to

Becoming a full-time trader may seem like no big deal for you, but the truth is that it is a really big deal. If you become successful at it, it could mean quitting a dead-end job and finally getting the opportunity to work at whenever and from wherever suits you.

Although it’s easy to get started trading currencies, it’s not as easy to succeed at it. The truth is that there is no really easy way to make money. There has never been and there never
will be. However, with the right training, the right mindset, and the right skills, those who take their trading seriously have shown again and again that it is far from impossible to succeed at this game.

No matter what your background is, Learn to Trade will be there with you all along the way, providing you all the tools and tricks you need to succeed as a full-time trader.

Trading the news is a popular trading strategy among people who are quick to make decisions and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. It differs from trading based on technical analysis that many private traders are used to in that it focuses on the fundamental drivers that are moving the price, rather than price levels and technical indicators.

These days, news traders often utilise the power of Twitter, financial news wire services, and audio streams to get headlines delivered almost instantly in order to place trades during events such as interest rate announcements and economic data releases in different countries.

At Learn to Trade, we teach our students many different trading strategies to help them succeed in the market. In order to succeed, however, the most important thing is still the trader’s discipline and the ability to stick with a trading strategy without deviating from any of the rules that comes with it.

Four of the trading strategies that traders can learn more about by enrolling as a student are:

  1. Trend following trading
  2. Reversal trading
  3. Fibonacci trading
  4. Momentum trading

By learning our very own powerful trading strategies in a safe environment from experienced professionals, we believe you’ll soon be able to take your trading to levels you’ve never seen before.

These trading strategies are little known among retail traders in the currency trading community, and we believe they therefore have the potential to give you an edge over the thousands of other traders you will be fighting in the markets every day. Professionals have known how to use these to make money consistently over long periods of time. We think it’s about time you learn it to!

In our training and mentoring sessions, we will show you how some of our top-performing trading strategies work in a real environment by placing live trades on the market. This way, we bring theory to practice in a way few other trading educators do, all in an effort to bring you as close to the real trading experience as possible.

Our one-on-one mentoring and coaching sessions are extremely popular among students, and the feedback we get is usually that traders experience great improvements in their trading performance after having received one-on-one support from our trading coaches.

With personalised training, we have the opportunity to focus on the things that matters most to the individual trader, and the specific things each trader has struggled with on his or her journey to become a full-time independent currency trader.