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Trading Forex is risky without a quality education and applying comprehensive risk management techniques. So ensure you have the best start before day trading in volatile markets and learn professional strategies, simplified to work for you.
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How to break free from the time vs money trap and learn to trade for less than 1 hour a day
How you can profit from the world’s largest, most liquid and recession proof market
How to harness the latest technology and trade on state-of-the-art charting software
Learn professional Forex Trading strategies and risk-management techniques

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Our day trading strategies have inbuilt risk management, stop-loss and take profit targets that you can access via our cutting-edge charting software.. Learn to Trade’s expertise allows traders to implement day trading strategies with the confidence to identify good trading opportunities and after discretion is applied, not always take the trade!

What is the best Forex Day Trading System?

Day trading strategies are simply strategies where the execution and closure of the trading happens within a 24 hour period. These short term positions are executed by people who are able to spend a substantial amount of time in front of their computer screens trading, and have a solid understanding of technical indicators.
day trading

What is day trading?

Day traders are looking to execute high frequency strategies while trading. For day traders it’s all about making profit by trading often in a day, earning smaller portions trading each time which for successful day traders, adds up to higher profit margins in the long term.

Who is Day Trading Suitable for?

Generally, day trading is reserved for people who are trading on the Forex market full-time, because it requires you to always have your finger on the pulse and your eyes on the charts.

At Learn to Trade

We equip you with four robust trading strategies that cover both end of day and day trading systems. A day trader will typically not have any open positions held overnight or over a few days. If this does happen, it’s referred to as swing trading. Most day trading professionals will use both approaches to currency trading.
Day Trading

One of the biggest mistakes made by beginner day traders is over trading. We understand this, and ensure you are equipped with the trading strategies and know-how to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

In our immersive trading floor environment you will learn from a equip team of trading professionals who have had firsthand experience in fund trading, growing other people’s money successfully and safely.

Having access to their trading minds through our Forex education allows traders to implement day trading strategies with the confidence to identify good trading opportunities. Preserving your capital to cherry pick the ripe fruit as and when they appear on the charts is just as important as being able to know when not to trade.

What do you need if you want to become a day trader?

In order to become a successful trader you need to develop a trading strategy and stick to it.

When getting started in day trading you’ll need to ensure you have a high speed internet connection.

On top of this, you’ll need at least two monitors, some day traders even have more. The multiple screens are helpful because they allow you to bring up the different charts and technical indicators that will tell you whether to buy or sell.

You’ll also need professional charting software to scan the market for the right trading opportunities and help you trade with ease.

However, computers are perfect for crunching huge quantities of data, they are not able apply to offer discretion or judgment, that is still the forte of the trader. In order to become a successful trader you need to develop a trading strategy and stick to it.

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