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My Journey into becoming a Forex Trader

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My Journey into Trading for a Living

Like most people, I bought into the society & government success formula – get a 9 to 5 job, work hard, get promoted, pay into a Super Fund and your retirement will be financially assured. As we all now know, for the majority, the above does not match reality. So I asked the question…”Is there a better way for me?” Allow me to share my answer.

I come from a working class family growing up in a tough neighbourhood in the East End of London. Aged 11 my parents relocated to the outer suburbs for a better lifestyle and to realise their dream of buying their own home. University wasn’t for me, so like many other school leavers I went straight into the work force. I always had an interest in Information Technology (IT) and so this seemed a natural career choice. Although at times it proved a tough ‘mistress’ I loved working in IT and success followed ‘my heels’. Through hard work and long hours, I progressed through the ranks from a Junior in IT Operations to Senior Management.

The rat race wasn’t going to let me go…

My working experience traversed industries as diverse as Banking, Legal, Government, Telecommunications, Education, Energy and Digital Analytics. Along the way I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people, a number of which remain good friends to this day.

However, the price for my success was paid from the time spent away from family and friends and poorer health through stress related illnesses.

Even financially there were often times when getting ahead would result in life throwing a financial penalty that resulted in being taken back to square one. The rat race wasn’t going to let me go.

I had to take action… I researched many investment vehicles

One day I decided to stop kidding myself that the workplace salaries and the companies looking after my Super Fund would take care of my future. I had to take action. I researched many investment vehicles… property, Internet based opportunities and starting up or buying my own business. I steered away from Financial Markets as I had always been told by everyone that it’s too risky, too complicated, you had to be very good at math and only the professional traders make money.

None of these investments naturally appealed to me. I felt more pushed than pulled towards them. So my search continued. In frustration, I turned to the financial markets. I attended numerous seminars on Share Trading but all the companies’ approach, strategies and philosophies never resonated with me.

So began my trading journey with LTT…

Not being one to give-up, I continued on until one day early in 2015 I attended a seminar organised by the company ‘Learn to Trade’ (LTT). This presentation was different – it was original in content and approach and mixed with a lot of common sense. Their methodology was based on Trading the Foreign Exchange Currency Market, and so began my trading journey with LTT.

In simple terms LTT quickly demystified all the original negatives that I had been led to believe. Their training framework, processes and content are very structured and easy to follow and understand. I found a genuine family feel at their training office backed-up by the professional Trader Coaches who I can’t speak highly enough of. Winning my first 7 out of 8 trades was a great boost to my confidence and I soon found a real passion for trading.

Winning my first 7 out of 8 trades was a great boost…

I immersed myself into learning anything and everything, digesting any resources I could lay my hands on. After six months of learning, practicing and following sound advice, I realised there were a number of ways to make money trading the financial markets.

So with LTT supporting my passion I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and transition into a new career as a full time professional Forex Trader.

I found a path to financial success…

This is where my past catches-up to my present. My Trading results now have above average winning consistency and I know this ratio is only going to go up as I become more experienced and skilled.

I’m under no illusion that my journey is still in its infancy, but it has been extremely positive on many fronts: I found a path to financial success; discovered a new passion; have a skill for life enabling me to make money and made many new like minded friends.

I feel renewed and empowered by taking back control of my financial life and found the answer to the question that started me on this path… “There is a better way for me.”

I sincerely hope you find yours too…

Kevan Harding

If you’re in interested in learning to trade currencies using risk management techniques, register today for a FREE 2 hour on-site introductory workshop or get in touch with Learn to Trade via phone on 02 8412 6000.

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