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Dear Traders,

“If you woke up breathing, congratulations! You have another chance.”
– Andrea Boyston

START AGAIN! Happy New Year, you have another chance to make the shift you truly desire. I wish you a successful and prosperous year ahead. As the holiday activities come to an end most of us are coming out of the party mode & getting back into the work mode. Some find this transition seamless, perhaps they didn’t switch off completely or naturally know how to switch on/ off. Whichever the case might be you need to re-focus on 2018 and start with a fresh spirit towards achieving your goals.

In this article I will discuss some simple techniques that are used by the Masters time and time again to recalibrate your sensors!

“In this very breath that we now take lies the secret that all great teachers try to tell us.”
– Peter Matthiessen

If you apply this simple 3 step process you will find yourself achieving 10 times more with half the effort. Let’s start.

Mind Power Training Consultant

Step 1: This requires 5 minutes only 2 – 3 times per day. No excuses – just do it!

The practice is simple. Sit up straight in a chair. Don’t slouch. Breathe in and out through your nose. Mind will drift from one thing to another; keep coming back to your breath. This will create a steadiness. By the practice of ‘just keep coming to your breath consciously’ you will achieve a state of ‘being in the current moment. Without any romantic philosophical ideas to follow you will naturally learn to let go, even let go of what you want and instead you will focus on ‘what is happening right now’!

The idea of this initial step is to do the actions that will get you to your goal eventually. If you don’t stop you will get there! In the now you can create. You have already planned your year. You know the things that you want and the things you missed. Neither thinking will give you any result. Focusing on the now and doing the tasks that are required will produce the significant change you desire. This one simple step will get you started for the day.

Step 2: Dharna & Dhyana: One-pointed attention.

In Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras – 600AD writings Dharna refers to a point of focus – one pointed attention. Why has Dharna been considered so important by all Masters? It is because it makes achieving each task easier. Some people may argue that multi-tasking is required to achieve bigger things and there is so much to do that focusing on one thing at a time is not possible. This is not the way of the masters. Masters focus on one thing at a time. This increases your awareness. Even if you can divide the focus for 30 minutes per task this will immensely help you.

For example, you want to get fitter – just 30 minutes start your walking and focus just on walking for that time. You have started a new job, focus on learning each aspect just 30 minutes at a time. You are analyzing different currencies, focus on one or two currencies at a time utilizing 1 strategy. Then move to the next and so on. Doing too many things at the same time waters down the energies and a high level of success is seldom realized.

Along with Dharna, Dhyana is as important. Dhyana is expanded awareness. From one pointed focus you expand your awareness. Practice this by breathing and focusing on one point. Hold that focus. Then bring your awareness to the corners of the room. This you can do with eyes opened or eyes closed. Become aware of everything and everyone in the room. In trading it would mean that when trading a pair in say 30-minute time frame you are also aware of the 4 hourly and daily horizontal levels as well as any news items that could affect the trade in the short term. Dhyana gives the short-term trader an edge when trading the fast time frames and calls for profitable results.

Step 3: Samadhi: Oneness.

As you learn to focus, and then you expand this focus you will gradually learn to become one with things. This will make you aware of what is happening within you and with everyone else. This is greatly helpful when trading. As you learn to become one with the market you stop fighting it rather you learn to flow with it. When you are one with the market and everything around you, you are open to feedback which can be compared to measuring your results. Whatever you can measure you can improve hence your heightened awareness leads you to make better choices.

You would have already understood the characteristics of certain pairs and this will be helpful in bringing your Forex trading to a more profitable and consistent result every month.

Let’s bring it together…

Focus on one point, expand awareness, become one with all that is! 5 minutes daily 2-3 times.

See you next month. Happy Trading everyone.

To your prosperity,

Saira Khalid

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