Improve Your Trading Mindset in May

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Positive thinking alone is not enough!

Dear Traders,

The month of May promises to bring some big movements for the intraday trader so I am thrilled to share this time with you. I encourage you to take time to sharpen your emotional skills and make the most of these fantastic trading opportunities.

You may be wondering why would I discount positive thinking by suggesting that ‘just positive thinking is not enough’.  I am all for a positive mindset and an upbeat attitude.  However, when it comes to trading you need to translate this positive mindset into actual positive results on your trading account.

I have come up with a few strategies for improving trading results. The technique I will detail below can be implemented easily and immediately, and, if you were to apply precisely (daily) they could make a huge difference in your life and trading performance.  This technique may sound like positive thinking, but it is not. It is about action. Thinking needs to be followed by specific action steps on a daily basis until these steps become a habit every time you trade.

Please follow this simple technique step by step and watch what happens to your trading account…


Using this process, you are accessing your resources that are naturally available at an unconscious level. You are using your conscious mind to access your strengths by noticing what already ‘is’ while  training your unconscious mind to help you succeed on a daily basis.  We go into auto-pilot anyway so why not use this auto pilot ‘now’ to make you money. This needs to be done just for 5 minutes before each trading session. I will also share this with you in my upcoming webinars. Here it goes.

Step 1:  Sit in front of your trading screen (blank) and if the pc was already on please make sure you switch it off. The screen needs to be blank.

Step 2:  Take 7 deep breaths in a rhythm ie In – for a count of 7 – hold for a count of 7 – out for a count of 7.  Repeat 7 times.  Make sure when you breathe out you empty your lungs and finish with a Haaaa breath. Sound will help you feel more energetic & present.

Step 3:  1 minute – Always keep a pen and paper next to your trading platform. Write 3 things in your life that you are genuinely truly grateful for NOW. Be quick!

Step 4:  1 minute – Close your eyes and see yourself being grateful (see yourself through your own eyes as if you were watching yourself)

Step 5:  Open your eyes. Do a free flow write for just 1 minute.  It needs to be about your feelings. E.g. I am feeling that …..

I am feeling today to …..

I feel like having ….

Just begin each sentence with I feel or I am feeling or my body feels…

Step 6:  Write down the first 3 currency pairs that come into your mind. (Not necessarily you will trade these but just write them down)

Step 7:  Visualise the last step that needs to happen to show you that the trade resulted in a profit for you.  See yourself placing trade successfully and see the result.

Now here is the tricky part.  You need to imagine this step with precision and in detail.

I.e. Order placed, order triggered, moved towards your profit, hit the take profit, Green appears in your Trading Terminal in close orders, last step is you looked at it and feel grateful. Now it may also happen that you visualise and you cannot see the green trade and the end result shows a red trade.  In this case I want you to NOT think positively please it is not about positive thinking. You are imagining. If you can get there in your mind you will get there in your trade. It is about imagination. So this is an indication from your unconscious mind that there is something else that needs to happen before the colour changes to green.

It’s very important that here you THANK your unconscious mind for bringing to your attention that you are NOT in a trading state as yet. Now what I suggest you do is decide that you will dissect your trade even more before placing it and see all angels. When this happens only trade one strategy for that session. Keep imagining what a trading state feels like for you and don’t force it. With practice you will know what state gets you the result you want.

Now this process may seem like a long process but give it a go as it will take you only 5 minutes and those 5 minutes will make you aware of your unconscious pattern at that point in time. You will be able to catch yourself in the middle of it and change your imagination to make it more precise. This all has to happen before you turn on the trading platform and start your analysis.

I am interested to hear your feedback on this technique. Please email me on [email protected]

To your prosperity

Saira Khalid

Psychology of Trading Specialist

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