A Magical Daily Ritual

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A Magical Daily Ritual

How to get yourself in the right energy pattern for trading?

I get this question asked many times when I am coaching people in mindpower Training ie how to maintain their state to achieve positive results.

Everything we do and all that we have is energy. We are made up of energy. Where you put your attention mentally effects your physical body, showing you a mind body connection where both effect each other energetically. Mind effects the body and the body effects the mind. Changing mind (mindset or mental focus) will bring a change in the body.  And if you change your body (either by movement, breathing or posture) it will affect your mental state. Therefore, you will see that when you physically move and exercise you generally have a feeling of well being and increased energy.

It is of utmost importance to maintain your energy while trading. In fact, no matter what task you want to achieve excellence in you require energy & focus. Let us say that you have ‘X’ amount of stored energy and you have 5 major tasks that you are targeting to accomplish during the day, then you will need to plan to divide your energy in between these tasks either equally or according to priority.

Below I am suggesting some exercises that have helped people maintain a focus state and high energy level even after attending to several tasks/ project/ fulltime work etc.  These exercises when performed on a regular basis help bring back the focus to the present, increase your energy to get the best result from your day trading (or any task you need to achieve successfully) and in general give you a feeling of wellbeing!

Exercise 1:

This exercise is used in ‘qi gong’ and Tai Chi exercise.

Simply stand straight.  Feet shoulder width apart. Hold your hands in front of you and imagine a large sphere of light encompassing the energy from the top of your head bringing it down to the middle of your body. Just below the naval you hold your hand still.  Pretend that you are holding this energy ball in your hands and bend your hands accordingly. Your palms have the Lao gong point in the centre of your palm (it is acupressure point in the centre of your palm where your middle finger touches if you make a fist).  This point is stimulated to ease anxiety, create more energy, and clear inflammation.

This exercise stimulates the whole body and increase the total energy body in a matter of minutes. Now take this energy ball back up to the top of your head and then slowly bring it down to the belly area just below your naval. While breathing in move your hands up and breathing out move your hands down.

Continue this exercise for 3-5 minutes. This is a simple grounding exercise and you will feel centered in a matter of minutes.

Let us test how this exercise is beneficial to you.

This is a 2 people exercise. Ask your partner to focus all their energy on left ear while standing in front of you. Ask them to stand straight and focus all their energy on their left ear. Now put your hand on their shoulder and lightly move them. You will notice that they are unable to hold their stance, they will be unbalanced. (Hence don’t push them too hard otherwise they may fall!!!)

Now ask them to do the above exercise. After a couple of minutes ask them to hold the entire focus on their belly and stand still. Now push them and this time you can go a bit harder. You will see that you will not be able to push them over. This is because they energy is now grounded and balanced.

You can do this exercise with yourself at any time. Anytime you feel off-balance you can bring your focus to the centre of your body. You will be able to feel the energy go up. Scattered energy does not achieve results let alone make people successful in trading. Practice this method daily just for a few minutes only.

Exercise 2:

When in front of the screen just before you start your trading session, I suggest you learn to check in within yourself if you are in a peak state to trade. How do you feel?  Are you ready to make some money? What is your inner feeling telling you about the market today. This will require just a couple of minutes again and the results will make you happy for the future trading days too.

The reason this exercise is difficult is because it requires you to go into your feelings, a place we seldom like to visit in bright light!

The other challenge in this exercise is that if you get a feeling that today is not a day to trade then you actually don’t trade. Most people fail to follow their own plan because it can be frustrating to do all this work and be excited about making money and a quick ‘check in’ indicates to you that today is not the day you are 100 percent in a trading state. When this happens, what you can do instead is that you can study the market or charts and set up your trades for tomorrow or later in the day if you are an intra-day short time frame trader.

Let us test:

Just close your eyes now and focus for 60 seconds. What are the current feelings? For example confident, focused, enthusiastic, lethargic, bland, sad, etc etc.

Open your eyes and write it down.

Ask yourself:

‘Is this the state that will make me money if I were to trade’?

‘Am I ready to focus on the market’?

‘Is my mind thinking about a few other things simultaneously’?

I suggest you get started with these exercises. Give them a go and if you feel a difference for yourself than do it. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

To your prosperity,

Saira Khalid

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