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The Flying L Trader – January the 13th

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Non-farm payrolls gave a big surprise to the downside with only 74K added compared to an expected 200K. The participation rate also decreased which thereby produced an unemployment rate of 6.7%. This is very close to the Fed’s stated target of 6.5% to which they would stop QE altogether. The market got spooked on the data and the greenback had some major moves but be aware that these numbers can be volatile. Every so often we get a rouge one and we should look at the average not at this as the norm. Yes the Fed will reduce their spending but not in one hit and not off this data.


AUDUSD – The US$ weakness off the bad jobs data gave the Aussie a boost back towards the 50ema. Couldn’t get through the minor resistance level and it’s still in no-man’s land for me, not trending at all.
Resistance: 9000/9300/9428
Support: 8890/8720/8550

EURUSD – Splitting itself across the ema doesn’t assist in trend indication. This could still go either way.
Resistance: 13733/13830/14065
Support: 13488/13266/13135

GBPUSD – A mad low test bar posted Friday and is showing some signs of weakness against some pairs.
Resistance: 16474/16610/16740
Support: 16300/15950/15830

NZDUSD – Continues to be uninspiring.
Resistance: 8475/8535/8607
Support: 8190/8131/8100

USDCAD – The Canadians had their jobs data too and it was a shocker as well, losing 45K jobs and rising to 7.2%. Expect a rate cut sometime soon for sure now. Still short the Loonie against any pair you like.

Resistance: 10985/11060/11290

Support: 10560/10420/10195

USDJPY – A large engulfing seller bar but in reality it is going sideways still. The fib resistance at 105.57 is just too much at this stage.
Resistance: 105.57/108.35/110.50
Support: 103.34/101.65/100.00

GOLD – NFP threw the spanner to that idea of selling the metal. Back on the 50ema and looking like it could go either way.
Resistance: 1265/1,307/1,350
Support: 1,225/1,180/1,040


BITCOIN (from Mt.Gox exchange) – Retested 1000 over the weekend but has attracted some selling pressure and should head to test 850..

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