Learn to Trade Review: Steve

March 15, 2016
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The GFC brought my property development business to a standstill; I needed income and I needed it regularly. Enter Forex. I came to LTT with a vision of creating a monthly income stream that I could achieve on a part-time basis. After attending my first Forex Bootcamp at LTT I knew I was in the right place to learn Forex trading.

Possibly the best choice I made was to join the Unlimited Wealth program offered by LTT. Over that first 12 months of trading I learnt so much; not just from the numerous courses that were included in the program, the trading software that made it easy to choose my trades, the numerous one-on-one coaching sessions I had with the expert traders, but also from the “family” environment that is created by all the staff and all the traders who are learning Forex.

The learning and supportive environment at LTT is second to none. That’s what inspired me to write my book “Foreign Exchange Trading: My First Six Months”. LTT inspired me to become a successful trader.

Steve Chandler, Property Development Institute & LEFTA CEO

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