Learn to Trade Review: Steve

March 16, 2016
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I would like to thank-you and all the staff at Learn to Trade for helping me become a profitable consistent trader.

Before I started with Learn To Trade my trading results were up and down like a yo yo and I couldn’t work out why. After two coaching sessions with you, I realised that whilst I could pick good entries I wasn’t looking at the big picture. Look at the big picture, trade with the trend, let the price come to you, don’t chase the trade, pick your entry and exit before you enter a trade.

It all makes sense now. Last month I reached 6.5% in three weeks then took the last week off. This month I’m on 4.5% after the first week with a target of 7.5%. I will reach my target this month because just like placing a trade, I have picked my exit before I started trading this month.

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