Learn to Trade Review: Olivia

September 2, 2016
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My name is Olivia Davis and I’m from Central Coast, New South Wales.

Trading took me totally by surprise. I’m a diagnostic radiographer and sonographer, a mother of two little kids, too little boys and happily married.

We were just plodding along and I actually went to an event and heard Greg Secker talk. I was instantly inspired. It was a big decision, but the benefits that I saw from it was immersed in trading in the programs and (being) surrounded by the professionals.

Basically I thought If I’m going to continue trading, that’s the only way to-do it. I’ve been trading for 9 months now and that is, I literally hadn’t seen a chart. So it was little bit of a learning curve to start with and once I engaged in the tools you guys provide, that’s when my results really took off. The next couple of months I ended up 12% and earned my prop account.

My favourite part of the Unlimited Wealth program for me has been the access to you guys. So not only having educational days and then the bootcamps, but turning to one particular trader – that made all the difference. Because I was literally getting up at 3am to tune into his sessions.

So I’m now into the second part of my journey, I’ve just joined the professional traders’ partnership. What I love is the support that you guys are providing and how you are allowing us as traders to really set this up as a business. To get our own clients and be able to provide this as a service to other people we know and potentially strangers in the end and share the wealth. So that’s what I’m really, really excited about.

Just go for it! We naturally have innate fears, doubts and protective barriers. And I had to overcome all of it as well. What I learned was as soon as I admitted and allowed myself to enjoy the journey and be immersed in the journey. All of the promises were kept and it wasn’t like it was over promised and under delivered. It’s been far better than expected!

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