Learn to Trade Review: Dieter

September 13, 2016
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Thank you for our recent coaching session.  I found the guidance and information that you shared with me to be excellent.

I would also like to commend you on your recent trades as placed on the Smart Charts system. I have been following your trades very closely and have also entered trades that have agreed with my Trading Plan.

I am currently in a trade (AUDCHF) that has been part of your Smart Charts trade recommendations and I have taken three positions on that pair.  I am pleased to report that I have been able to take profit on two of the three positions and the last remaining position (which I have a profitable trailing stop on) I will now run to a maximum profit position based on adjusting my trailing stops until the trade is completed.

It is a great feeling to be making money!

I have also attached to this the copies of all of the completed trades that you have entered on the Smart Charts system.  There are also two trades that are current and have attached these as well.

I have noticed that you are the most successful trader placing your trade recommendations on the Smart Charts system.  I have been following two of the Australian team very closely and have also followed the recommendations of most of the other Australian team and some of the International team.  These have been followed mostly on my Demo account and trades that have agreed with my Trading Plan have been placed live.

From my analysis, your trades have the highest ratio of Taking Profit!!  Congratulations.

It would be great if you could place more of your trades on the SmartCharts system, I find the learning experience in following your criterion to be excellent.  (and Profit is always a winner!!)

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