Learn to Trade Review: Bob

February 4, 2016
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Hi my name is Bob Fleming. I’m   a retired Oil Drilling Engineer and live in A.C.T.

I’ve been trading Forex for about 3 years now and started out following my retirement from the job I had been doing since the early 1960s.

I originally began trading to supplement my aged pension and I was using a basic trading style and strategies learnt through various trading schemes and books supplied by my brokers.

My success was limited to a monthly target that would only allow me to earn a certain amount so as to not interfere with my pension and tax free status. As soon as I reached that target (Approximately $1000 per month) I would stop trading.

I learned about the Learn to Trade courses after seeing an advertisement in the local paper and signed up for the original course in April 2015, After attending the 2 day Learn Forex course I continued my original trading strategies but started to do a lot more analysis to see whether the Learn to trade system was what I was looking for. I was still being restricted by my worrying about interfering with my pension so I continued trading as previously, but I found I was obtaining my target funding a lot quicker.

After a few months of trading I decided that I might as well use my profits and enrol in the Unlimited Wealth programme. I started the first course in November 2015 and am now using the Smartcharts trading System for all my calculations and analysis.

I have been listening to the UK based traders live each morning and evening during the week and every trade they recommend I first analyse it to see what they are talking about and why they suggest it. I then usually put in a manual trade to try it out.

After the Forex Boot camp in December I only traded once or twice, but with a pleasing result. After the Xmas break I attended another Forex Boot camp and the Master Trader course with Boot Camp in January 2016. Using the SmartCharts analysis system and the great instructors at the courses so far this January I have had a very successful month with my trading totalling $8052.43.

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