Learn to Trade Review: Denyse & Douglas

March 15, 2016
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Our Journey with Learn to Trade

We saw an advertisement on the TV for Knowledge to Action. As we had just immigrated to Australia to retire we were looking for an income to supplement our very small pension.

We attended a free Knowledge to Action workshop. It was very informative and we decided that although we didn’t know anything about Forex trading we were very interested and signed up for the Learn Forex Course.

The course content was easy to understand and our lecturer was very patient explaining everything in detail. We were introduced to Smart Charts a software programme that had replaced time consuming manual calculations with touch of the button. Smart Charts offers ease of use and simplified our trading.

We were introduced to the Ultimate Wealth course by James and we realized that if we were serious about trading as a full time business we would need more education.

We signed up for the Ultimate Wealth course. “Wealth” being the operative word. The chance to accumulate “wealth” and the “wealth” of knowledge we are accumulating on this course. The course gives access to in house courses, live Bootcamp trading, one on one coaching, webinars, supply of trade alerts and unlimited access to the trading floor. We attend all the in house courses and boot camps and on the odd occasion where we cannot attend the in house sessions we have access to the webinars. We have in house coaching sessions and our coach is very knowledgeable and generous with her time.

We can trade from anywhere at any time which gives us the opportunity to enjoy our retirement while earning a steady income. The support and coaching from the team at LTT is great. The staff is committed to helping us as individuals to succeed as successful traders. Our journey with LTT has been amazing as we have gained so much knowledge and met so many wonderful people.

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