Unlimited Wealth Christmas Party 2015

January 15, 2016
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Aaron: That was a fantastic event. I’ve met some people that are going to be my peers, I’ve met some mentors and I’ve met people that are in the same industry as myself, in the trading industry of Microsoft.

It’s an experience I can learn from, we had some wonderful lecturers, showing us different asset classes and different knowledge bases that I can learn from.

Kevan: Everyone is having a great time buying themselves a few drinks and catching up with everybody. I asked a question to Julian and interestingly he answered from a completely different angle that I didn’t expect him to say, he was talking about the management of trades as opposed to putting trades on at the trade entry.

I think the support here is fantastic, plus, we are given the support that we have got, with people we are meeting. Everyone’s in it together, it’s a 5.4 trillion dollar market, so, there’s enough money to be had by all and because of that I think everyone really wants to share information and that’s great.

Wayne: Tonight Julian was fantastic, I think he just basically briefed over the whole training session we had and that made it a lot clearer. I have picked up a lot of ideas.

Kevan: I think Learn to Trade don’t push Forex all the time, they are pushing different investment vehicles and they are looking at the group audience in front of them and thinking about what they want. The interesting thing about tonight as well is we actually had a Property Developer in a Forex presentation, which I thought was really refreshing.

Aaron: All in all it’s a great company, it’s a great collection of individuals that I hope to work with in the future and achieve my goals and dreams.

Wayne: Learn to Trade, it was fantastic! It’s one of the best Christmas parties I’ve ever been to!

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