Learn to Trade Review: Yen

August 9, 2016
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My name is Yen Nguyen and I found the classes and I have found Learn to Trade absolutely professional and very informative. I would never ever be able to get all of the information I need through YouTube or Internet because trust me I’ve tried, I’ve looked. The information provided at Learn to Trade is exceptionally valuable and it’s systematic and it teaches you right from the basis to the advanced level.

The coaching has been amazing. I have been learning both under Grant and Beata. Different analogy, but the same result. Getting my prop account after six months has been amazingly positive reinforcement for me. It’s given me a lot of experience, a lot of training time, so that I am able to manage my prop account properly. Now that I’ve got my prop account, I’ve been very positive – been very careful with my trading and I have been able to achieve 4.5% in the last two weeks.

So far I have just discovered Pip-Runner and I found it to be extremely easy and painless. You don’t have to wait days on end to get your result. I love trading so much. In fact, I am hoping to leave work shortly in order to trade full-time. I think if you are going to take up trading, you need to learn properly. Learn to Trade is definitely the place to teach you that skill because they take you right back from scratch all the way to the advanced level and they teach you a lot of risk management, which is very important when you are dealing with your own money and someone else’s money as well. You need to be able to manage the taking and keeping it, which is most important.

I think with a lot of trading companies out there, they sort of teach you bits and pieces but there is no proper foundation strategy to guide you from step-to-step. At Learn to Trade they provide you step one to step ten.

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