Learn to Trade Review: Yavar

August 9, 2016
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Yavar: I started with Learn to Trade when it was called Knowledge to Action back in October 2014. Two days Forex, in those days we used to have eSignal and up until now I’ve sat four master traders and every time I learn something new; it disciplines me more, it makes me – it refreshes my mind. It makes me stick to the discipline and then Grant’s been my coach, whatever stocks I have so far it is all because of Grant. They are here because they know things much better than us and not necessarily they will be 100% right – it’s like 70/30/80/20 probability, but they know things far better than we do. Just draw the lines; horizontal trend lines – those are the two main important things. Watch out for breakouts and stay disciplined. Wait. Do not be in a rush.

My personal account I went up by about 50%, Prop account – I’m not doing so good, I think just need a bit more mind set-up and need to be focused.

Interviewer: What is the result you tend to be probably averaging per month?

Yavar: It varies between 10 – 15% every month in my personal account.

Interviewer: So if you are doing 10% a month, you will triple your account in a year. That’s fantastic.

Yavar: I noticed one thing – I noticed it several times. When I will stick to the rules, I make good money. As soon as I deviate, I start losing that. eSignal was only for technical analysis and we were placing trades on meta trader, and since SmartCharts has come on board, we do both analysis on the Capital Index platform and then we place trades on the same so that you don’t have to switch between the charts. Internet, for trading if you are doing it by yourself is the worst thing you can do to yourself. I have had that experience. I even had the experience of some people sending me the text messages on WhatsApp saying “Enter the trade now.” I actually lost a bit of money on that and then I exit those groups and I said, “No. No more.” I’m just waiting to focus on my technicals.

Beginners should attend the coaching sessions more frequently and just concentrate on the technical side of things. Don’t look at the fundamentals, don’t even think about it. We are technical traders not fundamentals. Then I come for the coaching sessions every two to three weeks- whenever I get a chance so that puts me back on track. With the daily life, I do get busy and I don’t get time to place much trades. I look at my charts early in the morning and then late in the evening.

Interviewer: Like around a job probably. What do you do?

Yavar: I’m a professional.

Interviewer: So you’re pretty busy.

Yavar: I am very busy so –

Interviewer: You have a family.

Yavar: Yes, I’ve got two kids. Two lovely children. It was a long journey. There were lots of ups and downs. Firstly actually my wife enrolled for the two days Forex and I was telling her it’s some sort of scam, think about it. Secondly, I did the two days, I did the Learn Forex and I said to myself, “If everyone can do it, I can do it.” I have some friends still who tell me, “Don’t go for it. It’s not real,” but I have seen it for myself, how real it is. I got my $50,000 prop account. Can’t thank Learn to Trade more than that. That’s it. There is my opportunity to prove myself.

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