Learn to Trade Review: Nola

September 6, 2016
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My name is Nola and I’m from Melbourne.

How long have I been on this journey now? I started in September 2015. Since the beginning things have been very exciting, very intense but fun. I’ve learned a lot. I knew nothing about Forex trading when I started. And what have I learned last 12 months is just phenomenal.

What hesitations? Well, the biggest one was signing up in the first place. You know, it was a lot of money. I needed a little bit of encouragement. And yes, I was given that but it’s not a decision I regret. In fact in the last week I achieved a 5% increase in my account – so pretty stoked with that one. Consecutive months of 6% and 11%. 11% was a beauty!

The biggest drivers for me in starting this journey was that I want to change my career I suppose. I own my own business, but as I get older – it’s a physical thing and it’s getting harder to do. I wanted something I can replace that with. The second biggest driver for me was, I don’t want to be supported by the government. I want to be able to support myself. Having completed the Unlimited Wealth program I’ve now signed on to the Professional Traders Partnership Program. I can see from there I can replace my current business. I can do this with the help of Learn To Trade and all the coaches and all the people involved in the Professional Traders Partnership Program. It’s great!

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