Learn to Trade Review: Kevan

February 1, 2016
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When I was taught how to use SmartCharts I was really surprised and impressed at how easy it was to use. Basically there is a three step rule, you follow these three steps and let the system do it itself.

I’ve found that on the first eight trades that I put on, seven of them came in, so, it has proven to work for me. I have since moved on from there to more manual trading and I still use SmartCharts to fill any gaps.

The coaching and support from Learn to Trade is excellent. I have been fortunate to have teaching across all of the coaches, which means I can see different styles and apply what suits me.

My biggest win to date is the USD/CAD back in May I did 300 pips so I was stoked but I think more importantly is the consistency that you bring building into your trading. It’s not so much for me about getting the big win, its getting lots of little wins as well.

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