Learn to Trade Review: David

January 13, 2016
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What brought me to trading was that I went to the National Achievers, I heard what Greg Secker had to say and it made more than sense. I wanted to make dollars so I was one of the ones who ran!

I had zero prior to this. I’ve done roughly 4 weeks on and off nights pulling on a fake account.  Now I’m real and live and it’s a bit different which is good.

The best result is obviously meeting you guys and getting to understand the minds behind what’s happening in the business. Also, understanding the education more in depth and the real time trading, it becomes real and I look forward to seeing the little graph go up.

I’ve been shown some really cool techniques that I wouldn’t have come up with on my own, it just wouldn’t have happened and I’m putting them into play today. Obviously the education is a factor but when you’re really doing it and it’s happening minute by minute and hour by hour, your there on the edge of your seat, but I have already put a couple on today! To know that basically some of it, just charting it, graphing it, it’s going to go green and that’s nice.

They are a great bunch of people here, really cool and very in tune with what’s happening.

Just get on board! It’s about being around people that are doing and not just saying, that’s how it works.

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