Learn to Trade Review: Ben

August 9, 2016
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Hi, my name’s Ben. I’ve been trading since February this year. About three weeks ago Adam sent out a pip runner YouTube so I watched that probably about ten times and I could just see that this strategy was going to work for me. So I had a small account, $2,000 so I started trading with that and over the three weeks, I’m up 49% now so haven’t hit the 50% but yeah, going really well and just enjoying the strategy. It just works for me and if you miss one, you miss one; if you lose, you lose. You just move on to the next one and you just enjoy trading.

I really love the whole Learn to Trade strategy. I’ve enjoyed it. On a Sunday I do about three to four hours of homework, my coach Grant, that is what he’s going me doing and I just go through the charts and start to see things and with the pip runner, it’s really helped me. It’s given me direction and just wait for the set-ups and go for it.

I’ve only had one coach and it’s been Grant and he has really helped me. He has taught me a lot of things just from having patience and doing nothing to finding the trades and even when I haven’t followed my rules, he’s told me to – you know, to cancel the trade even though the trade would have worked – he just taught me the discipline that you got to do what your trading plan says and if you do, you might have success.

My plan with trading is to make a full-time job out of it and like Grant says, that’s not a full-time sitting in front of the screen, it’s having the life that you want so you are in control of your own life and at the moment, I’m basically a workaholic. I work all the time. I have four children and to be able to see them and spend time with them, that’s my goal. That is what I plan for everyday: to be able to have the life that I want and control my own life.

Learn to Trade is a great journey, just jump on. You are going to have highs and lows and you just got to ride the journey out. You’ve got to write your goals down and review them daily and work to them and if you have a problem talk to your coach and go forward.

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