Charity Tradeathon

March 1, 2016
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Learn To Trade Review: Charity Tradeathon

Person 1: Learn to Trade and the team are absolutely fantastic. There’s a massive amount of support and you always feel welcome when you come in to the office, you feel like family.

Person 2: My son’s partner is Filipino and they were very involved with the problems that were happening over there from the various disasters, they have had one after the other. That was one of my main reasons for coming down, I really wanted to be involved in helping that.

Person 1: The fact that we have the opportunity to help a greater cause. Theres a lot of less fortunate people around the world that we all need to come together for.

Person 3: I find that it’s making me more calm and more focused. I follow all the strategies that the coach was talking about and I picked up a 60 pip straight away. I am a mother to three children so I am pretty busy, so if I can do this then I think anyone else can do it too.

Person 4: A bit of history is that I have been with Learn to Trade for quite a long time, since 2011. I have been trading for quite a few years. They taught me a lot about daily routines, discipline and each week I am making money now so I am very happy with that.

Person 2: Well in actual fact, I saw a $1000 profit come on to my screen and that was my best result from today, yes indeed, I was very happy to see that! Thank you very much for being and having such a beautiful community here and such a welcoming atmosphere when people come through.

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