Learn to Trade Review: Ralph

February 6, 2017
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My name is Ralph Jones. I’m from Western Australia, Perth. I’d been trading prior before coming here about 18 months. That was with currencies. I got hit in the crash, with stocks and shares. I didn’t know anything about them, we were doing something at the time and I placed what we had on the stock market that went south. And then I tried to recover back, so I tried something different – currencies, and found that going through different places, trying different things there was no strategy.

And then I ended up eventually finding this place here – Learn To Trade, which I originally looked before but I let that go, until that was the end of it, I came here. Now I’m at Learn to Trade with a strategy. I now look at a longer timeframe before I enter something and make sure I have everything in place before I make my entry.

So I’ve got patience now and I have a strategy, I can see what I need to do now when I enter into a trade and when to exit. I actually made 40% last week. When I was coming here I was in and out like a piano player. I was pressing everything that I could, thinking that I was doing the right thing, and it took me quite a while to achieve that. But anyway now I’m in the process of moving forward.

Top 2 things coming here is – I’m in the atmosphere. In this environment which helped me – I needed to be in that. I think for me the people that are around here that have been supportive, helpful… They have helped me back on track again with the coaching and the mentoring I’ve had from here.

I think every coach had their moments with me, they could see my bad habits that I had. That was really hard to get rid of. I had somebody in your (Adam’s) class mentioned that I was in a trade, which I didn’t want them to say and you (Adam) approached me in the end of it and said “what are you doing? We have our reputation; you paid us this money to help you so do something about it.” And I went through another coach and I was in trouble with it taking my trade earlier – so I sort of learned that. And now I’m following the rules that I have been taught.

If I was talking to a new beginner – trader, I would make sure the biggest thing is, make sure you know what you are entering in on. How are you going to enter it, and the biggest thing probably would be the risk management which I didn’t have. Make sure that your risk is in place.

I recommend to anybody who is trying to trade, forget about searching around and listening to what you have heard, I tell you now straight out that this place has been the best for me.

I should have come here in the beginning, which I didn’t. But I’m glad I did so if you are looking to try and learn, you go to Learn to Trade.

Learn To Trade and do it properly and you will manage.

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