Learn to Trade Review: Nick

February 19, 2015
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Nick Roberts: Hey, my name’s Nick Roberts. I’m a musician. Grew up and currently live on the Central Coast and I’m here doing the Learn to Trade course, and I’m absolutely loving it.

I’ve been trading foreign exchange for a year now and had some very, very good trades. My best trade ever was a fundamental-based trade that was just an options trade on foreign exchange. I ended up getting 1,000% return on my investment for that one trade alone, which was — I was pretty happy about it. And then to know that that was possible, I just got stuck into Forex even more and I ended up coming to Learn to Trade. I took a course, and here I am, absolutely loving it. It’s great.

Learn to Trade kind of brings a little bit of that something extra. They show you live trades on the spot, which, I don’t really know that many other education companies that will actually do that. I definitely recommend them to anyone who’s looking into trading, whether you’ve been trading for many years or if you’re just starting out. They’ve pretty much got something for everyone. And it’s never too late. You’re never too old, you’ve never too young. Looks like they’ve got a lot more to offer than your average kind of education company and it’s really worth what you pay. I didn’t even blink at the price.

Look, you pay $40,000 or more for a college or university education and there’s really no guarantee of getting anything out of that. Maybe you’ll get a job, maybe you won’t. No. This is imprinted on your brain and it’s yours to have forever.

I’m a musician. I play in a band. We tour all over the world and I’m the singer and I also play guitar. The band’s called October Raids. We’ve done numerous highlight gigs. When Bon Jovi came a few years back, we played with him. It’s all been going fantastic and trading is something that I’ve been wanting to do on the side, initially. But the more I start trading, the more I realise those two kind of careers kind of go hand in hand. I can trade while I’m waiting to play a show and I can use money from trading and put it towards tours and vice versa. I can use tour money and put that into trading and grow my wealth exponentially, which is what I’ve started doing. It’s been a rough ride, but it’s been great. I’m willing to put in all the effort I can and obviously, the more effort you put in, the more it pays off.

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