Learn to Trade Review: Nathan

February 19, 2015
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Nathan: The reason I joined Learn to Trade is because I was extremely unhappy with the way my life was going. Pretty much the position of not being in a financially secure state was bugging me and I was surrounded by negativity and didn’t want to live my life that way anymore. I joined Learn to Trade because I wanted to able to succeed and have lived by my terms and not be dictated to by an employer and surrounded in that completely negative environment.

At the moment, I’m currently an apprentice electrician and I know that that career is going to lead me nowhere. I’ve come to Learn to Trade to surround myself with passionate people and to learn how they progress in life, and how they carry themselves. In the process, I have developed a greater understanding with the strategies, the mentality, the psychological aspect of trading and a lot of the aspects you need to understand be a successful trader.

A lot of the results that I’m seeing, I’ve just mimicked off the traders. They are extremely passionate, compassionate people who go above and beyond their experience and they want you to succeed as a trader.

And I just wanted to say to the Learn to Trade guys — anyone who is thinking about joining this company — as an education process and for learning how to trade, I definitely recommend it and I’m extremely happy with my progress because of it. So, if you’re thinking of joining, definitely go for it. Thank you.

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