Learn to Trade Review – Harold

February 25, 2015
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Harold Upton: My name’s Harold Upton. I’ve got an Honours Degree in Science. I’m a financial planner and pyrotechnician, and I’m looking for a more comfortable and easier way for the future and I believe Currency Trading will do that for me.

I’ve recently quit my day job and I’m now full time trading. I’ve had some exceptional months. Two or maybe three months in a row at 10%. Sometimes when the markets move, I knock off work half an hour after I’ve started. I’ve reached my target, bang, packed up and gone!

It’s a great way for someone like myself that knew absolutely nothing about trading – absolutely nothing about the currency market – to say I can come in, I can have a look at all of the different options that are available, learn about them and pick which one’s for me.

So, as an organisation that’s able to do that quickly, professionally and simply, I’d be highly recommending it to anyone that wants to either learn about currency trading or become a currency trader.

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