Learn to Trade Review – Graduate Montage

February 25, 2015
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Nick Roberts: Hey, my name’s Nick Roberts.

Jessieca Chung: Hi, my name is Jessieca Chung.

Bruce: My name is Bruce. My partner’s name is Bozena.
Colin: How do you do, people. My name’s Colin.

Phi Lee: My name is Phi Lee.

Nathan: Hi, I’m Nathan.

Leigh: Hi everyone. My name is Leigh. Just come off the boat. Had a fantastic day out in the bay. You know, you’ve really got to do this stuff, guys. It’s just absolutely fantastic.

Jessieca: Not only does it give you knowledge. It’s just they teach you to be independent and give you mentoring, so that you can be great at what you do. And then that’s what I did.

Bruce: We had a talk with Greg and he’s great about everything. So, I reckon it’s terrific!

Nick: It looks like they’ve got a lot more to offer than your average kind of education company.

Colin: I’ve had some fantastic months where I’ve been able to grow the account by in excess of 10%.

Nathan: I’m extremely happy with my progress because of it. So, if you’re thinking of joining, definitely go for it.

Bozena: The support, it’s like endless, endless support. Any time, day or night, we just email. We just ask questions. And we never have any questions unanswered.

Bruce: And you might think we’re jabbing, but we’re not.

Phi: Everyone here really wants you to do well.

Nick: You pay $40,000 or more for a college or university education and there’s really no guarantee of getting anything out of that. Maybe you’ll get a job, maybe you won’t. No. This is imprinted on your brain and it’s yours to have forever.

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