Learn to Trade Review: Colleen

January 12, 2016
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My name is Colleen Vanderwal. I’m a retired registered nurse and food business owner living alone now following the death of my husband here on the beautiful  Sunshine Coast. I’ve always been interested In currency trading and spent 10 months trading earlier this year and held my own with a good company. The invitation came to attend a presentation locally with LTT. It took two such events and much well humoured patience and assistance from the presenters before I took the plunge and eventually made the trip to Sydney last weekend.

The difference comes from contact with and personally knowing the people helping one along the way. LTT provide live trading demonstrations than beginners can relate to and duplicate. The course is so entertaining as well. It is together with this,  SmartCharts and well constructed strategies  that enable a student to make reasoned trades and employ effective risk management. This latter makes all the difference between breaking even and succeeding.

I have every confidence in LTT and my own potential ability  to make a go of trading. Beats churned out TV and news programs and is so exciting.

The results allow me to envisage being free to attend more events of interest.

Life is good!

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