Learn to Trade Review: Cherrian

February 19, 2015
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Cherrian Eecen: Well, I haven’t forgotten my name. It’s Cherry and I’ve been trading for about a year and a quarter now with Learn to Trade. I have been a teacher in the past, but now I’m looking towards having an income that will keep me through my retirement, so I won’t need to be dependent upon Government handouts, super or anything like that. That’s my reason for being here.

The best I’ve done was 20% in one month. But then the next month, I think I got a little bit confident and so, I didn’t do as well. Every time I thought about this place – when I was in Darwin – was with great joy because I’d come down, and I’d be seeing everybody and everyone is friendly. It was like a family. And the trainers are marvellous. They keep an eye on me and, they also help me. Because I know someone is looking at what I’m doing, I’m much more careful to follow what the Learn to Trade guidelines are, rather than just breaking out into possible gambling and thinking “Oh, I’ll just have a go at that”. Because I think sometimes, if you haven’t got a coach who’s interested in you, you can start to go outside the guidelines and then you’re starting to gamble. So having someone overseeing you and just keeping an eye on you is a very good thing.

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