Learn to Trade Review: Bruce & Bozena

February 19, 2015
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Bruce: My name is Bruce. My partner’s name is Bozena. We’ve come up 3 hours from Goulburn. We come up to every course. Every course that’s done. And we’re loving it tremendously and what a night tonight is.

Interviewer: Is it true that you are like the Romeo and Juliet of trading?

Bruce: Of course, of course we are! How did you know that? You must have been looking through the bedroom window!

Bozena: We’ve got computers in the bedroom!

Bruce: David is our coach and is doing a tremendous job with the both of us. And we had a talk with Greg and he’s great about everything. So, I reckon it’s terrific!

Bozena: The support, it’s like endless, endless support. Any time, day or night, we just email. We just ask questions. And we never have any questions unanswered.

Bruce: And you might think we’re jabbing, but we’re not.

David Long: Can you believe these guys have driven all the way down from Lithgow and they’re driving all the way —

Bruce and Bozena: Goulburn!

David: Goulburn! Even further! And they’re driving all the way home tonight.

Bruce: That’s it.

David: Dedicated. Dedicated.

Interviewer: We need to get them a hotel room.

Bozena: Back to work tomorrow!

Bruce: If you have a personal coach like David, who has been brilliant. And every time we come to the courses, we learn so much, because he knows so much! Simple!

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