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Simon’s Forex Trading Update – June 2018

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Simon’s Forex Trading Update – June 2018

As we mentioned in our previous post about Simon, he has seen some great improvement in his trading over the past few months. Since completing Learn to Trade’s Master Trader Course, Simon has actively followed the forex market and seizes low-risk trading opportunities in the market regularly.

Simon, who was pursuing his dream of becoming a pilot when he got badly injured from a car accident, is currently trading the 180 Phase Changer strategy developed by the experts at Learn to Trade – a strategy he says has worked out really well for him and that resonates with his logic on how markets behave.

We recently sat down with Simon again to hear the latest news and get another update on how his forex trading journey has been going lately:

People with regular 9-5 jobs sometimes struggle to find the time to trade and really set aside time to analyse the market. You mentioned that you want to start trading around your very busy work schedule. What times have you found to work for your trading.

Simon:I like to spend time analysing the charts on Sunday evenings, looking for potential trades when the market opens. And of course, I try to spend as many evenings after work as possible.

Have you also set aside time each week specifically to do your technical analysis? How do you recommend other beginners to go about this in order to fit it into their busy schedules?

Simon: Yes, I have set aside time every Sunday evening and after work during the week as much as possible. Everyone is different and works at different times, so I would recommend to set aside time when you’re not going to be tired. You also have to remain focused on why you are learning to trade, and what your goals are, as this will keep you motivated.

Which currency pairs do you usually trade these days and why?

Simon: I don’t stick to certain currency pairs (I don’t trade any of the exotic pairs yet), as I am using divergence to trade on the 180 Phase Changer strategy. I will look at any signal that the strategy generates, and if all the rules are met, I make the trade.

How much did you know about forex trading before you got in touch with Learn to Trade? Had you ever placed a trade before?

Simon: I didn’t know a lot about forex trading other than what I had read on the Internet, and I had never traded before.

Experienced traders often say that their strategy is not what makes them rich in the long-term, but rather their risk management and discipline. What are your thoughts on this after completing the course?

Simon: I agree with this! By sticking to your rules, you are minimizing the risk of loss, and the money will come by using the right strategies and rules. If you don’t focus on risk management, your potential losses could be bigger and you may end up spending time trying to regain your losses rather than making profit.

If Simon’s story about going from knowing nothing about trading, to completing the Master Trader Course here at Learn to Trade, and now trading the market independently, sounds inspiring to you, consider attending one of our free forex trading seminars around Australia. Register today to make sure you secure your seat before it fills up!

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