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Simon’s Forex Trading Journey: Next Stage

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Simon's Forex Trading Journey

Following our original story about Simon Smith who was given a spot in Learn to Trade’s Master Trader Course, we wanted to share with you how things have gone with Simon’s trading since attending the course.

 As with many people who are interested in trading, Simon’s interest started at a young age. Growing up, he explains that he often watched business news on TV and later started researching forex trading online.

It wasn’t until 2011 that he finally came across Learn to Trade when browsing the Internet, and decided to try out their free two-day forex trading seminar. Although he for various reasons didn’t choose to go ahead with professional coaching at the time, Simon never forgot about his first introduction to forex trading at a professional level, which is what Learn to Trade offered.

Fast-forward to 2015, Simon had just met his fiancé and things were starting to look better on many levels in his life. He finally felt ready to take up forex trading where he had left off a few years earlier, and decided to get back in touch with his contact at Learn to Trade’s Sydney office.

Below is an interview we recently did with Simon to learn more about where his trading journey has taken him since completing the Master Trader Course:

How did the Master Trader Course help you progress as a trader? How has your trading been going recently?

Simon: The Master Trader Course gave me more in-depth knowledge and trading strategies. I now feel much more confident when trading. My coach has recently been focusing on teaching me divergence to use with the 180 Phase Changer strategy, which has been working really well for me. I will be taking my laptop to work with me to trade during my lunch breaks so I can get more practice!

Did the course teach you any new things about yourself that you weren’t fully aware of? Your own strengths and limitations, or trading styles that suits your personality?

Simon: I found that trend strategies suit my personality because the logic makes sense to me. Due to my disability I get very tired at times and I’ve learned not to trade during those times.  I’ve received feedback from my coach that my technical analysis is really good and I feel I’m picking things up really quickly, although I do realise I need to be more confident in my trading.

What would you say is the best part of learning forex trading from the team at Learn to Trade?

Simon: I really like that the method of training is really hands on. The team is very encouraging and supportive and open about their own experiences – both positive and negative. There is also a good amount of humour which makes it fun!

Do you have any tips for other people who are in a difficult situation in life, or who are struggling to live the life they truly want for themselves?

Simon: Be open minded and look for other options – don’t just go along with the status quo. Focus on what you want to achieve.

What are your thoughts about the future now, both on a personal and professional level?

Simon: I want to become a full time trader.  I’m excited about the opportunities this will give me – it’s given me hope for the future that I’ll be financially independent, comfortable, able to support my family and have the medical treatment I need to hopefully walk again.

If you feel inspired by Simon’s story, consider following in his footsteps and join one of our free forex trading workshops near you. Remember that it is never too late to take action and move your life in the direction that you truly want and deserve!

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