Learn to Trade CEO and corporate profile – CFI autumn 2016

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Learn to Trade: Trading Responsible Traders

The clue is in the name: Learn to Trade does what is says and helps its clients master the intricacies of the global foreign exchange market. Forex trading is not to be undertaken without proper training. In fact, most ill-prepared traders fall into the 90-90-90 category – an industry standard: 90% of traders lose 90% of their money in 90 days. “With this in mind, many brokers effectively bet against their own clients. Some go so far that they won’t even execute trades and pocket the losses,” says Learn to Trade founder and CEO Greg Secker – a master trader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who had made a fortune by his mid-twenties.

Comfortably wealthy, but far from numb, Mr Secker turned his back on high finance to start his own trading floor – from his kitchen table. This approach, seemingly haphazard yet solidly structured for success, summarises Mr Secker’s walk of life: An IT specialist with a degree in Animal Physiology, he soon found work in the financial services industry just as the Internet – and online trading – came of age. Gaining valuable insights, and discovering how the markets’ dynamics from behind the scene, Mr Secker before long moved to the business en of operations – the trading floor. The rest, as they say, is history: by age 25, Greg Secker had made vice-president at Mellon Financial Corporation – a major Fortune 500 investment bank.

“Back then, the currency markets moved around $3 trillion per day. Now, it has doubled. Money became an asset class with around a hundred million people trading currencies and dreaming of quitting their day job. The problem is, of course, that forex trading is most decidedly not a get-rich-quick endeavour. To succeed, a trader needs maturity, discipline, and a keen sense of responsibility. It helps to keep expectations within the realm of reason and to gain knowledge of the markets.”

A do-gooder at heart, and a renowned philanthropist, Mr Secker founded Learn to Trade as a way of providing budding traders with the knowhow – and backbone – to survive and prosper, and – perhaps – make their dreams come true. Learn to Trade is an integrated learning company and provides not only access to expertise, but to trading instruments as well. Learn to Trade maintains an in-house brokerage, albeit one with a twist: “We are not betting agents and do not base our business model on tricking our clients. Instead, Learn to Trade pursues a sustainable business model that offers an online platform which allows newbie traders to learn from those that have an already well-established track record.”

Successful traders, those with a good book of records and consistent monthly returns of two to three percent, are invited to become group leaders that others may latch on to. This way, good traders gain access to a larger pool of money – adding to their revenue stream – whilst others benefit from their expertise. “This has an added advantage for us that we now have almost 100% active accounts, as opposed to the industry standard of 10%. In London, it is held that an active trader nets the broker around $20 per day. By having nearly all our accounts active, Learn to Trade profits as do our clients. It is a win-win-win business model that Learn to Trade has pioneered.”

CFI , 2016

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