Invest in yourself in the New Financial Year!

New Financial Year
By bsuper

Forex Psychology “Setting goals is the first step for turning invisible into visible.” -Anthony Robbins A goal is a dream with a deadline.” -Napoleon Hill Dear Traders, I trust you all enjoyed the thrill and drama that Brexit created. And I believe tha […]

Forex Strategies that can Help Part-Time Traders

By Learn to Trade

Many Forex investors do not have the time to trade full-time. Instead, they focus their efforts on part-time trading in the evenings or during breaks in their workdays. That’s the beauty of the 24-hour Forex trading cycle – traders can earn profits in […]

5 Tips for Learning More With Forex Demo Trading

By Learn to Trade

Practise and knowledge are the keys to success in Forex trading, that’s why Forex courses and demo trading are strongly recommended for new traders. During a Forex course, students learn fundamentals, trading strategy, and how to use specific trading p […]

How Should Traders Prepare for the Brexit Possibility?

By Learn to Trade

Forex traders around the world are bracing for June 23 – the day when UK voters will decide whether to stay in the European Union (EU). For Forex traders and brokers, the uncertainty of a possible “Brexit” – or Britain’s exit – is creating dramatic vol […]

Global Financial Market News

By David Long

Greenback weakness The US payroll figure last Friday really put a thorn in the FOMC’s side. Most of the Fed members have been very hawkish in recent weeks, culminating with Janet’s commentary that the data is good and we expect to raise rates twice thi […]

Dollar gains vs Pound, Euro as Brexit fears rise

By David Long One Comment

What does it all mean? A referendum will be held on the Thursday 23rd June. The public vote will determine whether Britain will remain part of the European Union or exit. Britain to leave the EU is extremely favourable amongst the British people as the […]

Be on Guard when the Market is Tricky!

By bsuper

Dear Traders, the market has been little choppy lately. So what to do when the market is choppy and how to extract your 3% for the month? Below are my techniques that have worked to re-set the success momentum: Take a step back and give it a break It i […]

Monthly Currency Trading News

May Forex Market Analysis
By David Long

May Market Overview $Us Dollar:  May started with disappointing ISM Manufacturing and increased Unemployment Claims while Non-Manufacturing PMI improved. This followed with disappointing ADP Non-Farm and Non-Farm Employment Change. Unemployment Rate re […]

Forex Trading: 4 Key Fundamentals to Watch

By Learn to Trade

The Foreign Exchange is one of the fastest moving financial markets in the world.Forex trading valuations can change in minutes due to market reactions to macroeconomic and political data, for example, if Country A reports lower-than-expected economic […]

My Journey into becoming a Forex Trader

Forex Trader
By Learn to Trade

My Journey into Trading for a Living Like most people, I bought into the society & government success formula – get a 9 to 5 job, work hard, get promoted, pay into a Super Fund and your retirement will be financially assured. As we all now know, fo […]