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Dear Traders,

Our Live Trading Floor in the month of January called 14 potential trade set ups. Only 9 trades were triggered. Due to the market volatility last month, it went in favour of the intraday traders and sniper and power Pivot ended up meeting the profit targets. Swing Generator calls didn’t reach the profit target and the already volatile market turned around.


Despite of a volatile trading month our Prop traders came up with some good results. Our top performer scored 4.83% profit and showed consistency in trading and risk management. The trade selection process remained precise therefore the group stayed afloat. In our February month we can see that some awesome results will be achieved therefore we will have some prize giveaways at the New Year party on the 19th February.


I have a few suggestions to bring an edge to your trading this month.
Use this  7 step process to create confidence in your trading.


  1. Remember a time when you felt totally confident. Our memory of the time contains within itself the images, feelings, sounds, colours, words etc that enhanced the original feeling.
  2. As you recall the feeling intensify the feeling. Eg: To intensify the feeling bring the images closer in front of you, make the sounds louder or more clearer, make the colours brighter, smile while imagining.
  3. Employ your body movement to anchor this feeling in you making it even stronger. Eg:  Make a fist, or clap when you reach the peak of the feeling in your imagination. Anchor it in your fist
  4. Open up your eyes, shake it out and drink a sip of water and do something silly eg jump up and down and/ or laugh hysterically
  5. Repeat step 1 again and anchor the feeling using precisely the same body gesture again.
  6. Write down immediately anything that comes to mind
  7. Apply the experience to your trading. Now see yourself making Trading decision with total confidence. Fill in your trading journal and work on progressing daily.


Have fun and please let me know how this process worked for you.


See you soon on the Trading Floor. Our February mantra is ‘Trade with Confidence’.


To your prosperity,


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