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September – Pip Collectors Report

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Hello Pip Collectors,

Spring is beautiful, it reminds us that new beginnings are in progress, nature resumes its lightness, life is full of so many colours which is a reminder that it is party time. J And yes it has been a party time for some of our traders.

This September has been great for the traders and we have seen significant improvements in risk management and trade selection criteria. I know that you all agree David does a fantastic job in keeping everyone on track with his webinars and education of the current market conditions. He is looking forward to a fun break in Bali where he will be joined with by some inspired traders who will learn from him whilst living the dream.

Trader of the Month

The Trader of the Month’ is Graham who gained 10.99%, followed by Harold at 9.25%, followed by York at 8.27%.

The winner received the “VIP Success Day on 12th November” ($1500) – A fun trading day out on the Sydney Harbour…



Upon my conversation with each and every trader (and we have a few who hit 3% target this month) I found out top 3 reasons they are successful.

  1. They followed the rules – precisely
  2. They managed risk – in some cases to just .5% and still earned great returns
  3. They listened to their coach and attended regular Bootcamps and webinars
  4. They managed their Psychology and took note of their internal resistance and support levels
  5. They are committed to create an income from trading

As one top trader mentioned in his email, “I do believe I can see light at the end of the tunnel and I am well on my way to the freedom that earning a fulltime income from trading can provide.  I have narrowed my trades, I am more aware of the FIB, EMA, PA levels that determine the start and end of Phase 1 & Phase 2.”  Harold, September 2013.

This is an outstanding result and I congratulate the winners.

I also want to remind that each and every one of you is a winner because you are committed to learn something new.  Just like a million others, you will encounter many roadblocks on your way to mastery. If you stay committed you will go far.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”. Thomas A. Edison

Keep going. I will see you all soon on the Trading Floor. Enjoy an outstanding October. I will let you know what the top prize for the October ‘Trader of the Month’ will be… stay tuned!


To your prosperity,



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